Metro Line 1 Southern China station will be scheduled to open

Metro Line 1 Southern China station will be scheduled for opening in October last year, the Dalian Metro Line 1 project officially opened the passenger, which Southern China station entrance for the surrounding construction yet opened, many nearby residents are quite concerned about. Recently, the Municipal Rail office in reply to public opinion online message said, Southern China north station already has conditions will be opened. Good news for the 1 Metro Line 1 Southern China station will be scheduled to open recently, the public opinion in the online message consulting Metro Line 1 Southern China station construction. It is understood that last year, Metro Line 1 opened, because the entrance is situated in the construction site, on-site construction has not been completed, so the Southern China station could not be included in the opening sequence of the station. Not long ago, Mr. Liu said in a public opinion online message, he lives in Ganjingzi District Huarun Triumphal Arch District, every day commuting by subway, from Southern China north station a few hundred meters. "But Southern China station has not open, resulting in our neighborhood households need to walk every day commuting slope more than a kilometer to the bus station in Southern China square, very inconvenient." The public said, Metro Line 1 phase I project has opened for a year, hoping to open Southern China North Station as soon as possible. In this regard, the Municipal Rail office said that the current Southern China north station already has conditions, according to the surrounding passenger flow optional opening. The good news 2 Malan square station south exit will be construction of Malan square subway station is Metro Line 2 Station passenger traffic is relatively concentrated, both has opened the entrance are respectively arranged on the square on the north side, according to the original design, on the south side of the square will also open the entrance, while the 2 subway line opened 1 years Malan square station south exit has not been opened. To this end, some people in the public opinion online message said, every morning and evening peak time across the road is very dangerous, I wonder whether you can open the entrance on the south side of the square. In this regard, rail office said that the office organization design unit layout design of Malan square station entrance, has considered setting station south of No. 1, No. 2 entrance, No. 1 entrance to the underground pipeline construction and complicated layout to installation. In order to meet the functional requirements of subway station underpass, with masuyoshi mall rounds of talks, shopping malls have settled occupied land issues, will be carried out No. 2 entrance construction (masuyoshi arranged in front of the mall). Link to the first subway station for leather suspension recently in public opinion online message before consulting and leather station building, No. 2 line of the two phase of the project on time. The people raised a number of questions, including the former leather subway station plan when put into use, as of now there are no problems affecting the smooth progress of the plan etc.. "At present, the project has not yet started, the same as barren land, when to start the ground engineering (pavement, wind Pavilion, etc.) construction." The public also mentioned that if the station is no problem qiange xinzaizi 844000 similar station, according to the relocation issues that may arise if there are predetermined countermeasures at present. In this regard, rail office said in reply, qiange station early because of economic disputes at the office is shut down, and actively coordinate and solve and has made some progress, the subway company will announce specific opening time through the news media. Peninsula morning, Haili network chief reporter Wang Bowen

地铁1号线华南北站将择期开通   去年10月,大连地铁1号线一期工程正式开通载客,而其中华南北站因出入口周边施工暂未开通,很多周边居民对此颇为关注。近日,市轨道办在民意网上回复市民留言时表示,华南北站已具备条件将择期开通。   好消息1   地铁1号线华南北站将择期开通   近日,有市民在民意网上留言咨询地铁1号线华南北站建设情况。据了解,去年地铁1号线一期工程开通时,因出入口位于在建工地内,现场施工尚未结束,因此华南北站没能列入开通车站序列中。不久前市民刘先生在民意网上留言表示,自己家住甘井子区华润凯旋门小区,每天需坐地铁通勤,家离华南北站几百米。“但华南北站还没有开放,导致我们小区通勤的住户每天需要步行一公里多的大坡去华南广场站坐车,极不方便。 ”该市民表示,地铁1号线一期工程都开通一年了,希望尽快开放华南北站。   对此,市轨道办表示,目前华南北站已经具备条件,根据周边客流情况择期开通。   好消息2   马栏广场站南出口近期将施工   马栏广场地铁站是地铁2号线客流较为集中的车站,两个已开通出入口分别设置于广场北侧,按照原设计,在广场南侧也将开通出入口,而地铁2号线开通1年多时间,马栏广场站南出口始终未能开通。为此,有市民在民意网上留言表示,每天早晚高峰时间横穿马路非常危险,不知能否在广场南侧开通出入口。   对此,市轨道办表示,该办组织设计单位布置设计马栏广场站出入口时,已考虑车站南侧设置1号、2号出入口,1号出入口施工时勘测到地下管线布置复杂改为缓建。为满足地铁车站过街通道功能要求,经与益嘉商场多轮商谈,已经谈妥占用商场土地问题,近期将会开展2号出入口施工(益嘉商场门前布置)。   链接   前革地铁站因故暂时停工   近日有市民在民意网上留言咨询前革车站建设情况及2号线二期工程开通时间。   该市民提出多个疑问,包括前革地铁站计划何时投入使用,截至目前有无影响该计划顺利进行的因素等问题。“目前见地上工程迟迟未动工,与荒地无异,请问何时启动地上工程(铺装、风亭等)建设。 ”该市民同时提到,不知前革车站有无类似辛寨子站的动迁问题,针对可能出现的动迁问题,目前是否有预定对策。   对此,市轨道办在回复中表示,前革站前期因经济纠纷停工,目前该办正在积极协调解决当中并取得了一定的进展,地铁公司将通过新闻媒体公布具体通车时间。   半岛晨报、海力网首席记者王博文相关的主题文章: