Miao Yong Jun listed open Antu – in the beginning of the new biological development queer as folk

Miao Yong Jun: listed open Antu – biological development of a new starting point for Beijing Beijing in September 1, Antu biological stocks listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in September 1st. The chairman of the company said: "the spirit of Miao Yong Jun become China industry in vitro diagnostic technology, become a better vision in vitro diagnostics company in the world" with the brand influence, Antu will continue to increase investment in innovation, to enhance the automation of reagent and instrument solutions, and by creating more powerful marketing team to enhance domestic marketing power, with more competitive products into the international market. We have the courage to shoulder social responsibility and through continuous efforts to practice the cause of public welfare, in the realization of self value of the enterprise at the same time to win the respect of society. At present, many companies listed on the change of the raised funds, is only for the purpose of listing quanqian phenomenon, Miao Yong Jun said, visit the capital market is not the ultimate goal, but Antu biological development of the new starting point. Public financing can solve the funds required for the project construction, accelerate the development of the company, but for Antu biological, listed by the opportunity to further strengthen the capital strength and the level of corporate governance, enhance the company’s brand influence is Antu biological value. Antu biological project funds raised this issue mainly focuses on the in vitro diagnostics industry, specific investment in the microplate immune diagnostic reagent kit, microbial production capacity expansion project production capacity expansion project, magnetic particles chemiluminescence detection reagent production capacity expansion project of in vitro diagnostic reagents, R & D center construction project. After the completion of the project, production workshop will be formed with an annual output of 411 million 350 thousand and 200 for in vitro diagnostic products production capacity. Miao Yong Jun introduction, after years of operation, Antu had more than one thousand dealers, basically formed a nationwide marketing network. The company marketing personnel stationed in Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao, in addition to Tibet provincial capitals, municipalities directly under the central government and the important city, two or three medical institutions for the rapid development of a very good sales ability to keep up, to ensure that the depth of product sales. With a sound marketing network and strong customer service system, the company enjoys a high brand influence in the industry. When it comes to the future development of Antu biological business planning, Miao Yong Jun said that the company’s future will continue to focus on research and development, in vitro diagnostic products production and sales, adhere to the "do our best to provide quality, performance price ratio and price ratio of products and services for the users; try our best efforts, to create a united, hard work, truth-seeking and enterprise team" business philosophy. As one of the China in vitro diagnostic products industry more varieties of enterprises, Antu will continue to follow the biological instruments and reagents for the common development of the model, to further enhance the industrial technology in diagnosis, microbial detection field, provide more varieties of products, improve product quality at the same time, the molecular diagnosis as the development direction of diversification of the next step, and to expand the the upstream industry chain core raw materials, improve the degree of automation products, products to achieve greater competitive advantage. Antu will build a more powerful marketing team to enhance the domestic marketing force, with a more competitive products to enter the international market, pay more attention to academic research and technology promotion.相关的主题文章: