Mobile phone guy obsessed with gambling games for half a month lost 80 thousand yuan case-dough – in ravbin

Mobile phone guy obsessed with gambling games for half a month lost 80 thousand yuan "case-dough" – Beijing, because the obsession with a mobile phone App game, Wu Xin (a pseudonym) lost his 80 thousand dollars saved in the half month. "In the beginning, I just try holding the mentality to play, which can know this money piling, finally have their savings are taken to the cleaners." Half a month lost 80 thousand yuan Wu Xin told reporters, in half a month ago, when he was on the night shift, see colleagues staring at the screen mobile phone into God, asked colleagues in what game to play. "He told me to recommend a chess game, particularly fun, can win." Wu Xin is also on the phone to download the App software. At first, Wu Xin found it easy to win. Invested 50 dollars, a board can be doubled to $300." Soon, Wu Xin won more than two thousand yuan. He found the game bound by Alipay, Alipay can recharge, can withdraw cash, but cash is more than 100 yuan to charge a fee of 2%. After winning a few, Wu Xin’s luck began to stink up, soon lost money. "When thinking back, I will continue to devote more of the bureau." Wu Xin found, this time he did not put the money back, but lose more. Half a month’s time, Wu Xin will save their money for several years have thrown into. "This is my wife back to save case-dough, do not dare to come home now, too humbled." Wu Xin told reporters that he also want to own experience for those who love to play chess game mobile phone as a reminder, all related to money, millions more seriously, when the heart of the family council. The game App can still download Wu Xinwan’s game called Toro game. However, through the web search engine, the reporter has been unable to find the game. According to the site provided by Wu Xin, the reporter did not find this game. Although the Internet is hard to find, but reporters in the mobile phone App supermarket and found the game. After downloading the installation, the reporter saw the game’s login page. Reporters noted that the game has a total of three games, landlords, Jinhua and joy you. Each game has three to four different game notes. Reporter registered an account and found that the account has been filled with 6 yuan in cash. Daily economic news reporter noted that the largest number of participants are landlords, nearly 6000 people simultaneously online. But if you want to enter the game room, you need to charge a certain amount, the minimum amount is 2 yuan, while the highest need to charge $3000 to enter the bureau. It is not a cash payment party Wu Xin told reporters, when he is through the Alipay recharge, and the payee is a company in Tianjin. "After winning the money, the money can be raised." Wu Xin recalled, in the Limited four or five withdrawals, he found the money is from Inner Mongolia or Guizhou to turn over there. The reporter then entered the least betting games, into the match, the reporter noted that after each administration, board staff will change, and if you hesitate the licensing process in a long time, the software will be 2相关的主题文章: