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Moved and cried! The leader asked Ferrari BABEI KIMI style car to Adrian Raikkonen and sina sports news Ferrari leader Mao Kyrgyzstan Austria – Adrian BABEI said, when he had asked the team’s technical department in the design of the 2015 car, should be taken into account for Raikkonen’s driving style. Raikkonen returned to the state in return to Ferrari for second years, although meet all kinds of accidents in the first three races, but in fourth finally ran out of BaLin Railway Station clean race, and won the race runner up, iceman heavy podium. One important reason is that Ferrari’s new car is more suitable for Raikkonen’s driving style. Adrian BABEI internal Ferrari official website said: "I remember last December 10th or 12, I am the main designer Simon – Les tower and Rory Byrne (consultant) said, we need to have a look on the car." "I asked them what they could do to move more weight to the front." "Because I said Kimi liked racing cars very much, and Sebastian was pretty much the same." "They told me it would take 6 months to make a change. I said, "what can you do if I ask for 3 months?"." "They said we’d have to work around the clock. So I said yes. I’ll be working with you. Go ahead!" Well, after listening to the conversation, the fans were moved to tears! More importantly, Raikkonen rewarded the team’s effort with the results on the track. (sinaf1)   感动哭了!法拉利领队要求新车适应KIMI风格 阿德里巴贝内和莱科宁   新浪体育讯 法拉利领队毛里吉奥-阿德里巴贝内表示,他曾要求车队技术部门在设计2015款赛车的时候,要考虑到适合莱科宁的驾驶风格。   莱科宁在重返法拉利的第二年恢复了状态,虽然在前三站比赛中遇到各种意外,但是在第四站巴林站终于跑出干净的比赛,并且获得了分站亚军,冰人重登领奖台。一个重要的原因就是,法拉利的新赛车更加适合莱科宁的驾驶风格。   阿德里巴贝内在法拉利官网说到:“我记得去年12月10日或12日,我对主设计师西蒙-雷斯塔和罗里-拜恩(顾问)说,我们需要对新车有一个展望。”   “我问他们对于把重量更多的转移到前面的问题上能做些什么。”   “因为我说Kimi很喜欢赛车具有那种状态,而塞巴斯蒂安也差不多。”   “他们告诉我做出改变需要6个月。我说如果我要求3个月你们能做什么。”   “他们说那我们就差不多得夜以继日的工作。于是我说好啊。我会和你们一起工作。开工吧!”   怎么样,听过以上这段对话,车迷们感动得要哭了吧!更重要的是,莱科宁在赛道上用成绩回报了车队的努力。   (sinaf1)  相关的主题文章: