Music as the support of the United States and the United States in the future of the factory has bee kamikaze love

LETV music support the future of the United States the factory has been closed: suspected arrears Sina Technology News Beijing time November 15th noon news, LETV support of electric car manufacturers in the future the music seems to have been shut down factories in nevada. There have been reports that the electric car start-up company has recently been seriously delinquent project, if you can not pay on schedule, you may face the risk of downtime. The future of music eiser Kerr · Ville (Ezekiel Wheeler) 10 at the end of this year, AutologGreen said: "the relationship between music and architecture of AECOM, the future is very good, we are still trying to build factories in North Las Vegas." However, according to Jalopnik, the site, the budget for billions of dollars, the construction of 900 acres of the plant has been shut down. The news has also been confirmed by AECOM. AECOM said in a statement to the Jalpnik, said: the future of music is currently temporarily adjusted the construction plan, ready to restart in early 2017. We will continue to work with our customers and employees to develop the project and look forward to the formal delivery of the plant." AECOM added that the ground preparation work has been completed. But the future has yet to make an official statement, the company’s recent use of a video shows a still covered electric crossover vehicle. Le Le future in December last year won the Nevada government about $215 million in support. Jia Yueting, the company’s supporters have recently been involved in public opinion because of financial problems whirlpool, so the future of its own financial situation music also led to the questioning of the state of nevada. (Si Yuan)相关的主题文章: