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Must be done after 42 days of physical examination, mom, do you have time to go? Some mothers think that as long as the Sohu maternal confinement on the doctor told Everything will be fine., for 42 days after birth are not so much Tina, they made the mistake, then feel the body is okay, just think of a baby’s health as a result of pelvic effusion and pelvic inflammatory disease. Therefore, the experience of Tina told her mother, 42 days after the examination must be done oh. Because the vast majority of mothers will appear after the birth of a number of small problems, such as mild inflammation, but if not treated in time, there may be a qualitative change, leading to serious problems. Today, we will talk about what will be done after the 42 day postpartum checks? Why 42 days need to go to a medical examination? In medicine, we will post partum body organs to restore breast in addition to outside this period before pregnancy status, called puerperium, takes about 6-8 weeks, we generally take 42 days for postpartum physical examination time. The 42 day of physical examination has 3 main purposes: (1) check the physical rehabilitation (especially the uterus); the screening of the disease, the timely detection of disease risk; 3 of the disease has been symptomatic treatment. Each of these aims is closely related to the future health of the mother. At the same time, we can also take this opportunity to consult a doctor about breastfeeding and other common problems. What are the contents of the 42 day physical examination? [] the doctor will ask mother obstetric interrogation some problems, such as whether to use forceps or aspirator delivery, mode of delivery is cesarean section or natural childbirth, whether suffering from certain diseases such as hypertension and diabetes in pregnancy. There are a lot of specific items of postpartum examination, in addition to the general health examination, as well as professional obstetrics and Gynecology examination. Routine examination weigh, blood test etc.. If you find that the mother’s weight gain is too fast, it should be appropriate to adjust the diet to reduce the intake of staple foods and carbohydrates. Gynecological examination of Chinese medicine will check the pelvic organs, see whether the uterus to return to normal, the amount and color of vaginal secretions is normal, whether the cervix erosion, perineal and vaginal wound healing, etc.. In addition, for gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension of the mother, must inform the doctor, because my mother needs to check the blood and urine is normal, check the blood pressure is still continue to rise, if there is abnormal, should active treatment to chronic high blood pressure to prevent. Other questions: in addition to active interrogation doctor, no less milk or milk postpartum mother, should ask the doctor for dietary guidance or to ask if you need medication. The method should also consult a doctor for new mothers postpartum menstruation sexual life recovery and contraception. Don’t be shy, the more you know, the more you can learn to protect yourself. If the premature accidental pregnancy, the greatest harm is not our own? Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] search "in Himalaya the senior parent FM dragonfly FM litchi FM相关的主题文章: