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National Day 7 days come Oscar international studios we together, hey earthshaking "sets" live, are you ~ day into the sale or purchase of any studio package items over 10 yuan customers can participate in the activities of gifts I ring studios. The rules of the game: selling consumer goods over 10 yuan customers will receive 5 "circle" studios provide; standing in the specified line, throwing to the gift; cast out of the "circle", if fully complete trap, can win the gift! Two, Oscar’s circle of friends, it brought gifts during the eleven events, all my cinema viewing customers, keep the ticket, you can walk into my circle of friends in the studios, will be sent to take good photos of their own circle of friends, you can get a small gift, I Oscar studios circle of friends waiting for you oh! Activity rules: circle of friends and customers ready KT studios will take pictures, take good photos sent to my circle of friends, (title) a gift you can get out of the cinema. Three, flower drum, mysterious gift waiting for you during the eleven activities of customers into the store can participate in this activity, more than 8 people as a group, one of them holding flowers, a man carrying all blindfolded drums, drum sounds from " flowers " start stop, drum " " check take the customer, "flower" eliminated, and receive a souvenir, this cycle. Finally left a Gu drum, each of them can get a special gift of mystery! Reminder: 1, in the process of playing the game can not bear landing 2. In the process of transfer and bear, cannot appear throw appeared; 3, to transfer the game bears customers friends, need to keep passing in a circle shape, we can not be separated. If any of the above, the fault of the customer, was eliminated. Activity time: October 1, 2016 – October 3, 2016 four, accompany you to play in the National Animation Studios during the national day, specifically for children to field activities during the animation activities, parent-child activities two people watching the movie is only 25 yuan! Plus 10 yuan to buy the original price of $17 a child package! Movie tickets and a limited number of packages, sold off! In the specific film studios daily attention. 14:00 animation screenings of day of the field of preferential activities. Activity time: 2016.10.1 – 2016.10.7 (14:00 daily), 1 members of membership recruitment, admission to a gift! I National Day studios launched in membership during the recruitment, admission to send gifts, new member customers to Xi’an Oscar international cinema card members can participate in the lucky draw activities. The prizes are as follows: first prize: Hagendasi bear or pig, new year dolls (choose one) two prize: pepsi cola glass or cup Hagendasi (either one): Memorial Award gifts above a limited number of prizes delivered so far! 2, let you enjoy the membership value, stop 1) October 1st -10 3 period, members and friends watch the movie "trump card", "ace with the Mekong River action", will enjoy any screenings of 6.6 yuan special activities, the purchase of two tickets per card. 2) during October 1st – October 7th, members of the friends to watch the film "Mekong River box相关的主题文章: