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Occupation beggars monthly income of 7000 super ordinary white-collar workers said money enough to spend a central broadcasting network Tai’an on October 21st news (reporter Chai Anton) according to the voice of China "peak Evening News" reported that in the city bus station, shopping malls, plazas and other crowded places, people will see the clothes worn out, even disabled beggars, there are people would have to give them some money. But after a recent media survey found that these vagrants and beggars are mostly professional beggars, and more than a month of income of about six thousand or seven thousand yuan, or even more than ordinary white-collar workers. After several rain, the lowest temperature in Shandong Tai’an to 5 DEG C, which means the vagrants and beggars a year the most difficult day to. Tai’an city rescue station recently several times a week to inspect, begging rescue personnel wandering, send them cotton quilts. But they told the Qilu Evening News reporter Yang Lu, several patrol down, few people are willing to accept assistance: "now the streets of Tai’an most of the beggars, beggars are occupation, they do not accept the rescue rescue station. If the rescue station who took them to the rescue station, let them eat, give them what they would say cotton, affect their work. So they see the rescue station is very evasive, usually xianpao." Close to the Tai’an bus station there is a small alley, a walk to Aoyama community, here looks very loud, the inside of the many small hotel. Is there a hotel waiter told reporters, often morning guests dressed in shabby clothes to go out, and in the house at night back to eat, some people check out to wear good clothes, appearance panruoliangren. A 76 year old beggar told reporters that he was from Anhui, usually busy busy to go home, to Beijing, Shanghai to beg, finally chose to come to Tai’an. Reporter: do you have no home? Rural areas should have to ah? Why don’t you land?" Begging for the elderly: seed, chemical fertilizer, but also pesticides, remove the seeds of money, remove the fertilizer money, remove pesticide money, not enough flowers." Reporter: "that two days before you go home?" Begging the old man: "go back, collect the corn and come back." A community of small supermarket boss told reporters that there are several occupation beggars almost every night to his shop during the day to change into the whole money, less sixty or seventy yuan a day, more than two hundred or three hundred yuan a day: "for example, they pretend to be deaf and disabled, as a student, lost money to tour pal ticket this is a separate, stop pedestrians beg, may face fewer people, but a successful amount is relatively large, basically ten dollars and twenty dollars, we asked the staff of the station, there will be two hundred or three hundred yuan a day." Shandong Hao was director of law firm Zhou Changpeng believes, should rely on legal means to strengthen the management of occupation Beggars: "hope to regard it as a kind of occupation to be defined, the beggar should be within the legal control; also is beyond occupation beggar outside the vexatious and other illegal acts, should be punished according to the law of punishment the administration of public security; another is to rescue personnel have credit records, some is occupation beggars, not included in the inside to rescue object."相关的主题文章: