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"One top ten thousand" exposure stills Liu Zhenyun: male audience tone – "entertainment Sohu a top ten thousand words of" interpretation of a man was derailed cuckold under Sohu epic entertainment news from the works of Liu Zhenyun as a screenwriter for the film "one top ten thousand" was a finalist in October this year the opening of the "Busan the International Film Festival main competition unit. Corresponding to the "mobile phone" tells the story of a man derailed new story, "a top ten thousand words of" interpretation of a man was derailed cuckold under epic. Therefore, there is an early look at the film, said the media, if the phone to allow men to pick up the skin layer, "top ten thousand sentences," so that a woman’s heart. Previously, the movie "one top ten thousand" as the "Silk Road" International Film Festival opening film screenings in advance, have seen the film, the audience said, the same as the "derailed" theme, "mobile phone" focus on the male perspective, tells the story of a man to lie cheat a lie round the story. "A word of emotional conflicts and inner struggle" top ten thousand contemporary people face in life and marriage exposed to the public, like a thrilling "no smoke of war". Liu Zhenyun smiled and said, "take" mobile phone "when offended all men, the film has a classic lines’ to be honest ‘, so many friends to see me after all said," you’re not a kind ah, this time I for the male audience out of gas, let the woman had a heart ache". "One top ten thousand" director is the daughter of Liu Zhenyun Liu Yulin, is the director, but also good qualifications. The first blockbuster film "keeper", nominated for more than and 50 International Film Festival, won 10 international awards, also won the Oscar (student unit) narrative film award. It is reported that the film "one top ten thousand" by the original Liu Zhenyun screenwriter, producer Jiang Zhiqiang, directed by Liu Yulin, Li Qian, Bei Liu, Wei Fan Ashler, starring Lee Luigi Nono, starring Yu Entai, Sun Qian, Qi Xi, a special star, focusing on the inner world of ordinary people, tells the story of a cuckold under the epic. Worldwide release in November 11th.相关的主题文章: