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Online travel complaints high   Jiangsu tourism department will be accountable – Jiangsu channel — original title: online travel complaints high yesterday, the Provincial Tourism Bureau, Qin Jingan entered the "wind hotline". The National Day golden week just passed, many tourists complain in the "wind hotline" broadcast on the travel service problems, most of which relate to online travel. During the holiday, Ms. Zhuang from Yangzhou to Zhoushan to play, in the way cattle travel booking charter, rental service guide. After the start, not only did not fully enjoy charter service, hotel contract from five star to two star. In addition, the tour guide on the grounds of physical fatigue refused to explain. Coincidentally, Miss Wu from Nanjing through Ctrip scheduled self driving tour of the United States, the United States, not to take the car location and site acceptance, return time wasted for international flights. After receiving complaints from the public, Qin Jingan apologized, he said, will immediately carry out investigations in conjunction with relevant departments, carefully verified, severely punished. In recent years, the rapid development of online travel, we encourage more enterprises to enter the market, but must be standardized operation, steady development." Qin Jingan introduction, visitors travel on the way if you encounter problems, you can promptly complaints to 12301, you can also complain to the Provincial Tourism Bureau, the tourism sector will do everything to respond. (Huang Wei) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: