Painting in Shan Xi Cun bridge Jishan building – poetic Hakka Tourism Sohu

Painting in Shan Xi Cun bridge Jishan building – poetic Hakka Tourism car through quietly Sohu along the road, we will imperceptibly to the ancient village surrounded by mountains, the mountain quiet here, gurgling streams. Feeling into the picture shan. Not many visitors to the village, so that the village is more quiet. Residential community built with the mountain, but in silence, exalted and elegant atmosphere. Accompanying local Wu says to us, here is the Bridge Creek Village, scenic area has a very nice name called "ancient Creek bridge". Photography appearance after many years horizon Nebula Bridge Creek Village is surrounded by mountains, exquisite Hakka mountain on the potential, well-proportioned, clear water, tree Posuo, distant Handai, cenglinjinran, give people a feeling of land of idyllic beauty. Small bridges, streams, mountains, houses constitute a harmonious and moving Hakka mountain ink landscape painting. Aerial photography photography in Yin Nebula Nebula Horizon Horizon at the foot of the mountain, a row of unique style, both simple and elegant with a few strands of exotic two layers of gray tiles and white walls stand out in front of the building, seven row house five doors, six or seven flower shaped gables and behind the castle peak Pinnacle harmony magnificent. This is the second floor. Photography photography photography Nebula Nebula Nebula Horizon Horizon Horizon after understanding just know, Jishan building is jointly built by the Indonesian chamber of Commerce Zhu Tingyuan five brothers in the late Qing Dynasty, which lasted for about 12 years, the consumption of 120 thousand built ocean. Following the good building facing south, plane layout of multi axis horizontal rectangle, axial symmetry. The facade for hard hill, the side face and the back elevation for hanging hill, recessed porch corridor eaves door, door, door, hanging "Jishan wooden floor" hengbian. High stone platform, green glazed porcelain decorative door Ping banner, grey tiles, hangzhu civil stone structure. A total of 64 rooms, family size 32, 5 yards. Accompanied by staff, which is a typical Hakka traditional residential buildings two story Liuhe bar style buildings. Photography photography Nebula Nebula Horizon Horizon in Jishan building, like the spread of poetry hardcover, a brick tiles, walk around three, round-trip corridors, like the finger in the most beautiful verse across the page. Green glazed vase shaped convex railings, hollow brick carving flower window, beautiful decoration. The wall stood on end with pottery kylin, aquarius. Beam under the colorful color of the wood carving, phoenix play peony, bloom and wealth. Beam on right and left on a wood Luohan wall of gold kylin kylin, glaring eyes, very powerful. "Following the Chi Nebula photography horizon, good benevolence" is a celebration of respect for tradition, and friendly way. Walked into the building, we can always feel the owner from the value orientation of good things, the aesthetic culture of excellence and the pursuit of eclectic style. Photography photography horizon to see the horizon Nebula Nebula can best embody the representative cultural and artistic building good works, is the two building on both sides of the incised gilt Zhengtang Zhangmu "Zhu Bailu zhijiageyan", known as the "Zhu Xi family". Oddly, however, one side of the text is intact and the other side is exposed.相关的主题文章: