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Peru doctor Orlando the China love – Sohu Xinhua news agency in Lima in November 18, the Peru doctor communication: Orlando China Vancouver Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Guoying first met Jia Anping, Orlando? Laiyiwa gave us the name card printed on a map and 3 Yin and Yang Tai Chi acupuncture needle, the pattern is written Chinese "acupuncture" China "and" Spanish "in Peru". Behind this small name card implies the Peru doctor and China 30 years of love. Nianjinhuajia Orlando is not only the president of the Peru Police Hospital, he and his wife Anna also has a private clinic, specifically to provide patients with acupuncture, massage, chiropractic therapy of traditional Chinese medicine. He has done more than 20 years of Tai Chi Qigong training courses. When it comes to Chinese, full of pride on Orlando’s face. In 1986, the police have qualified hospital surgeon Orlando and Anna also get to Beijing College of traditional Chinese medicine (now Beijing University of Chinese Medicine) scholarship, this is the first time they China and intimate contact. Orlando in Beijing College of traditional Chinese medicine systematically study, spread for thousands of years of traditional Chinese medical treasures — acupuncture, massage and Qigong Taiji to have personal experience of the past of Chinese medicine is not what the concept of students in Peru, he fell in love with Chinese medicine. Two years passed quickly, eager to study the Orlando and transferred to Shanghai College of traditional Chinese medicine (now Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine). There, he met Zhou Kexiu. Zhou Kexiu, rigorous work, practice teaching well, and not because of Orlando is a foreigner and relax requirements. She told Orlando not only as a kind of acupuncture therapy, to seriously study the theoretical system. Every time on the clinical treatment of patients, doctor Zhou asked Orlando carefully read the theory books, studying the patient’s symptoms, and then acupuncture treatment. In the Shanghai College of traditional Chinese medicine to learn to let more witnesses the Orlando Magic and the broad and profound Chinese medicine. The end of clinical practice, Orlando persuaded the mentor to Peru, let the Chinese experts in their own countries, such as Chinese medicine acupuncture Taiji Qigong communication skills. Now, Zhou has been quite famous in Peru, after her treatment of rehabilitation of thousands of patients, both government officials, there are business elite, of course, more or ordinary people. Doctor Zhou received treatment of Karin zenteno? Said: "by Chinese, I and my children are becoming more and more interested in China culture. The school provides a good opportunity for children to study in China for short-term exchange of learning opportunities, I encourage my children to enroll in the selection, to be able to go to China to see, close understanding of Chinese culture. When they get older, I’ll ask them to apply for a scholarship to the Chinese university." Orlando recalled, because China and Peru are far away from each other, the last century at the end of 80s, the people of Peru know little about Chinese medicine. When the clinic started business, few patients, even if they are few, mostly out of curiosity, see the needles for acupuncture, will be afraid to try. Then, Orlando decided to open a new path, started to go to the hospital, Community Medical University, explain.相关的主题文章: