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Pick up a few 08 years of real estate advertising if you want to go through what you want to go back to the year – Sohu financial Shenzhen 6 flat nest of 880 thousand! Zhang picked up a few 08 years of real estate advertising, if you want to go back through the year in which Shenzhen launched a real estate 6 flat "dwelling" is the two day of the explosion of the real estate market, opening that robbed the news is shocking. 6 "dwelling" how much money? 880 thousand block. 880 thousand in the country’s 31 provincial capital cities can buy much room? If back in 2008, or even earlier, 880 thousand in Shenzhen to buy a large room? In the face of the property market skyrocketing, many people will talk about a word, "if you have to buy a good", "I only sold here"…… If you can travel, you want to go back to what year? There was a price less than ten thousand dollars in the house in front of me, I did not cherish, the most painful thing in the world. If God can give me another chance, I will say three words to the house: I buy you! If you can add another word, I want to say – not bad money! The nest seems to have encountered little trouble, the latest news shows, Shenzhen City Planning Commission Nanshan Management Bureau in conjunction with the Nanshan District land planning and supervision institutions this afternoon is investigating 6 square meters small apartment apartment layout, the survey results will be published in a timely manner. 880 thousand yuan =6 =175 luxury flat flat dwelling in Shenzhen as saying the 6 flat "dwelling", in fact the developers also presented some area, the actual use of the area is about 12 square, each functional space Goods are available in all varieties., can meet the basic requirement of living. 880 thousand in Shenzhen outside the city, how much to buy a house? According to the China Real Estate Association announced in August the 31 national capital (including autonomous regions and municipalities) residential housing prices, China Securities reporter conducted a simple estimate. Surprising results: 3 of the city can buy over 144 square meters of houses, among them, Yinchuan can buy houses, 175.12 flat; Beijing, Shanghai purchase area was less than 20; the 12 city area is less than 90, accounting for 38.71%. At present, China’s housing prices have experienced unprecedented phenomenon. In September 19th China National Bureau of statistics released the latest "2016 August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price changes, in the country 70 large and medium-sized city (National Bureau of statistics, city housing statistics sample) new commodity housing (excluding affordable housing) reached 62 higher than the same period last year (the city declines and flat the 6 and 2); 53 of second-hand housing prices rose in the city. Reporters in accordance with the total price of 880 thousand, referring to the latest provincial capital city prices can be purchased area, the results show that Beijing, Shanghai, the same can be bought by the house less than 20 square meters, respectively, is 18.02 square and 19.66 square. The provisions of the new "residential design standards" on August 2012 entered into force: the minimum dwelling consists of living and bedroom, kitchen and toilet, the use of the area should not be less than 22, means that, in Beijing, first-tier cities such as Shanghai, 880 thousand.相关的主题文章: