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Business 2011 NetPicks Market Outlook Transcript Part 7 of 7 This webinar transcript is brought to you by NetPicks, day trading systems and strategies developer since 1996. For more free day trading articles, analysis, videos, webinars, and more be sure to visit .netpicks.com/trading-tips. If you enjoyed reading about this webinar, be sure to get on our mailing list and sign up for future webinars, as well as view all past webinar recordings at .www.netpicks.com/learning-center/training-webinars/ ETFs will continue to be a popular choice for swing traders. Honestly, I have not done a whole lot with ETFs on to this point. I’ve been more of a — of a trader of individual stocks, but there are some great opportunities out there and preparing some trade plans for the options course, we came across a number of fantastic options. So, definitely, ETFs is a — are a way great to go. For swing trading, I prefer using the SST. The UST, HVMM, there’s some great opportunities there as well. I just think the SST is — the way it was built is just ideal for some trading. I use the 195 minute chart most often. I will speed it up from time to time. I will look at a 130 minute. I’ve also been playing around with the 60 minute, a little bit, looking at some strategies using the weekly options. Some of the stocks that I’m looking at for 2011, I just listed a few of them here, like Google, Apple, Netflix, Las Vegas Sands then the — the IWM and then the Spyders. Six names that are gonna be pretty active in 2011. These are names that I’ve traded for — for years now. I don’t see anything changing in the coming year. I would like to add some energy names to this list. Still working on some trade plans, trying to finalize those. I’d also like to add some financials as well, so it’s just something else to keep in mind. What I want to point out here is I’m looking at six to ten names from my watch list. I’m not looking at hundreds of stocks each day. All right. So keep it simple. You will have periods of time where there’s nothing to do on these stocks. It might go a period of days or even weeks with no trades and that’s fine. You know, we’re not looking for frequency when we’re swing trading. We’re just looking for the quality moves. Then, finally, the weekly options will continue to grow in popularity. I just think they’re a great tool to add to what you’re doing. Not only for directional trades, that you can get into some directional trades using single calls and pulse it’s a great way to trade, but also, if you’re in — if you’re looking at Apple, that’s one of your names on your watch list, and Apple gets quiet, it consolidates, you know, what do you do if you — you go a period of couple of weeks with — with no trades? Well, weekly options give you the opportunity to place some — some more advanced trades like calendars or some verticals. It’s a great way to play sideways and moving markets. And we’re actually gonna talk about that in the options life training course here the next couple of weeks. So for those strategies with the weeklies, you can stick on the 195 minute with the SST. I’ve also speeded up by using the 60 minute with the — the SST as well, but weekly options as a newer product, if you haven’t tried looking to it at all, definitely I will encourage you to — to take a peek. It’s — it’s a great way to diversify your swing trading. So that’s just a quick look at what I’m looking to for — for 2011. As you can see, I’m really focused in on — on the swing trading. I just want to simplify — simplify things for myself. Less on the stress that involved in my trading and I’m — I’m thrilled of the results that I seeing so that’s kind of my plan for the upcoming year. So I’ll give it back to you, Mark. Mark Soberman: Awesome. Thanks, Mike. I appreciate it. So let me just put up something here real quick and — maybe real quick, maybe I lied. All right. Well, hopefully that comes up on the screen there. Just some contact information ‘cause I know some of you have asked now, as we’ve gone along. So that really bring this to the end. We tried to kind of answer the questions as we — as we go. If there’s any final questions, you can put those in, but we’ve obviously gone on for a little while here, so want to get to a — a friendly quick wraps. You guys can get on to with the day, but for me now, it was really fantastic. I mean, I really enjoyed every presentation. Even take some notes, got some new ideas personally, of things that I’m gonna be looking into and, you know, it’s really kind of a unique opportunity to get eight people, you know, like this together who all trade in the markets to kind of just give everybody, you know, all of us, this kind of brain dumps so it was great for me and really appreciate all the coaches joining me today. Hopefully, all of you on the audience, you got something from them, got some ideas as well. So let me look real quick and see if there’s any final questions to wrap up, though, like I said, I’ve been trying to keep up to date on all of these. Fitzroy says what about brokers cost which are significant, I mean, this is — if you remember from one of my things, my resolutions was, to you and all of you, to myself as well, to make sure that you look at that. There are differences in spread, in commissions and including slippage, okay, there’s not always high quality executions. You definitely need to look at it. You’re right, it’s a big expense. I’ve seen a lot of people, if you could take away slippage and commission, they can actually trade profitable. Now that’s a dream ‘cause we can’t do that, but that just goes to show there are a lot of times we weren’t that far away. It’s just the cost are kind of getting him into trouble. So you definitely want to do some work, you try not to endorse too much or — or that sort of thing but there are some real differences out there. Let me see — let me look at some other questions. Yes, the webinar was recorded. Obviously, it was long but it will — putting up in multiple pieces at probably our main blogs. I have got a couple of blog, you’re all is up here so usually the one that’s sneaking into — into these blogs and you can probably gonna take us a couple of days to get it out there since it was kind of long. Some confusion on the three systems. Well, really you’ve got basically two to think about. You’ve got the ultimate swing trader, which is just for that, for swing trading primarily, mostly focuses on Forex though there are other alternatives with it and then the Seven Summits Trader is really for active day trading, can also use for swing trading, like you saw Mike talked about a little different approach. And — and those are really the two options for you with us, anyway, at this time. Some questions about, when is the SST available, when is the UST available. The release in — in, what we kind of call releases or launches, we do that so we can kind of, you know, be focusing on the training and the beginning of training everybody at once and it just sort of helps us get everybody up to speed rather than having kind of people coming new all the time into the different trading room. So it’s a good way for us to make it good for the people who have been around for awhile as well. Expect we’ll probably see something, maybe later this month on the UST. I’m not sure on the SST, maybe February. But just — as long as you’re kind of on our list and what-not, make sure that you are — you’ll get notified, no problem.\ Let me see what else we’ve got here. Okay, it’s a great — thanks, Paul, appreciate that. Dimitri’s as well, thanks for joining us today. Christy’s the same story, appreciate that. What was the trade capture software? So CamStudio is what Shane was mentioning ‘cause it’s no charge. One that I think I’d mentioned just in the text was Camtasia. You can get a free trial for 30 days but after the 30 days, you got to pay for it. They do have a version of it where like you can do a five-minute or a ten-minute for free, but at CamStudio, I believe, this one that Shane was talking about. So I think we got that taken care of. When can I join the SST, I think we talked about that. Yeah, Rob’s asking if the UST website going to be back online today. It should be right now, that’s what I was told. We were switching to a new server, so there’s always this little hiccup in that switch. There’s never a good time to do it, but I’m hoping by now, it’s good. If — if it’s still propagating in different servers across the — the world, if it’s not working for you right now, it probably will in just a little while. And I got a quick message here from Corie, probably telling me. All right, clear your cache, that’s what she’s saying. Yeah, I was about to say that as well. Sometimes you’ve got kind of the old routing in your browser cache. If you clear the cache and — and re — refresh, you should be able to hit it no problem. Yeah, like we talked about the recordings, yeah, we’re good there. We will have something from Allen, Italy. Hey welcome, Al. Is the SST still on the market? We talked about that. Thinks that have really been shown a couple of things, it’s cool, great, appreciate that. Let me just kind of go — all right. So I think that’s it. Let’s go ahead and wrap this up. Again, thanks everybody, thanks for the coaches, you’ve all been great and, you know, everybody have a great 2011. Well, we’ll be back with you I’m sure throughout the year, assuring as much as we can. Thanks everybody. If you enjoyed reading about this webinar, be sure to get on our mailing list and sign up for future webinars, as well as view all past webinar recordings at ..netpicks../learning-center/training-webinars/ About the Author: 相关的主题文章: