President of Philippines not in exchange for aid and give up drug policy mmhouse

President of Philippines: not in exchange for aid and give up the drug policy on 6 October, Xinhua news agency, Manila (reporter Yang Keyang Tianmu) Philippines President Duthel Te 6, said that he would not give up his drug policy in exchange for some international organizations and foreign governments and aid. Duthel Te made a speech in the southern Philippines said he does not expect the United States and the European Union to understand his anti drug policy, don’t expect them to understand the suffering of the philippines. If they cease to aid Philippines, he will not "beg"". Duthel Te said: "we are trying to save the country in peril, you will follow the trouble, at human rights, with assistance to threaten us." "For a little help, what do you want us to do? We must also insist on hard." He repeatedly stressed that his drug crimes zero tolerance". During his presidential campaign, he has repeatedly vowed to crack down on drug crimes and promised to solve the problem within 3 to 6 months after taking office. In June 30th inaugurated, Walter immediately started to crack down on domestic drug crimes, there are more than 3000 drug-related suspects killed in the Philippine police anti drug operations. At the beginning of August, Walter also released a list of public officials suspected of drug-related, involving more than 150 people, including government officials, judges, police, soldiers and members. However, the Philippine government’s drug policy led to the United States and some international organizations criticize. In this regard, Walter asked the international community not to intervene in the internal affairs of Philippines. According to the Philippines National Narcotics Control Bureau on 2014 statistics, the Philippines more than 4.2 townships in the country, about 1/4 affected by drug-related crimes, the capital city of Manila is the hardest hit. (end)相关的主题文章: