Psychic Reading

Religion There are innumerable instances of Psychic Scam victims suffering losses and undergoing traumatic experiences. But the unfortunate aspect is people do not learn their lessons and the scamsters merrily enrich themselves. A psychic practitioner from New York played on the sentiments of a credulous woman to defraud her of $20,000 in inheritance money by condemning the given to the victim by a relative, as tainted and needs to be cleansed of all evil. She convinced the client that the money will be purified and returned to her so the victim could invest it profitable ways. In Texas, Gina Evans, 35, pleaded guilty for running a psychic hot line scam and .mitting large scale frauds and money laundering. The perpetrator was ordered to pay more than $330,000 in restitution to victims nationwide. She was further sentenced to spend two years in prison. Authorities said Evans, who assumed several different names, advertised offering psychic advice in several frontline periodicals, including the National Enquirer, New Woman and Cosmopolitan magazines. Two self-styled psychics, Sonia Merino and her daughter-in-law, Nasta Merino, were apprehended and charged with conning clients into paying thousands of dollars in fees to free them from evil sins of the past. The pair advertised in a South Bay newspaper mailer, offering psychic readings for a paltry sum of $10 but would later ask clients to pay sums ranging up to $20,000, to drive away negative spiritual forces. A self-proclaimed psychic based in Half Moon Bay was sentenced to two year jail term for forcing a 19-year-old woman to pay her $15,000 to nullify predictions that the woman’s family members would die. These are only a few classic examples and psychic frauds are rampant and several gullible persons are falling victims by the day. Most psychics are keen students of human nature and identify despondent victims and use clever techniques so that these weak clients be.e dependant on them. This form of psychic dependency is what leads people to spending hard-earned money on psychics, to the point of financial ruin. When you are down-heated, vulnerable and feel powerless, when you are so desperate to cling to someone, it can be so easy to weep on the shoulders of a psychic who gives you solace. The simple fact is most people are in a state of emotional need and the cunning psychics know how to exploit. It is for the people to wake up and understand there is no basis when the psychics tell you about some curses and the need for propitiation. There are only a few genuine psychics driven by a sincere impulse to help the distraught. All others are self-styled psychics who have gone into the field for amassing money, exploiting the credulous. It is perfectly easy to fool people when they do not expect you to produce hard physical evidence of the truth of your assertions. These pseudo-psychics buttonhole those who are mentally weak and fearful, people who feel they are victimized in life, and desperately looking for escape routes. Genuine psychics know that their ability is because of some extra-sensory perceptions and that they have no control over it. A genuine psychic’s desire is to guide clients to understand their problems and help transform the negatives in their lives. His mission is not to exploit you and relieve you of your money. Above all, ethical psychics do not indulge in publicity and they do not encourage clients to think of them as god-like, or other-worldly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: