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Putin’s former media adviser to life off the US statement: Washington accident – Sohu news Mikhail Lesin? According to the voice of America (VOA) reported on October 29th, the US authorities said on the 28, Russia’s former minister Putin, former media adviser Mikhail Lesin? Last year at a Washington Hotel in unexplained deaths is accident, the cause of death is the days of excessive drinking caused by alcohol poisoning. With the help of the Federal Bureau of investigation, the police conducted a year long investigation into the matter. The 28 day, the police and the federal prosecutor’s Office jointly issued a statement saying, according to video footage and witness testimony, "Mr. Lesin was affected by alcoholism and continuous fall, hurt and cause death". In this regard, as of press time ago, the Russian government and its mainstream media did not publish comments. Lesin in Washington popular Island Hotel DuPont (Dupont Circle Hotel) in death caused a lot of speculation about the cause of death of the outside world, including the Lesin murder suspect. In March this year, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaha Lo Va said Moscow is waiting for the investigation of the death process Lesin Washington to explain, and once the death confirmed, going to the United States proposed international judicial assistance requirements. According to the "New York Times" after the news, November 5, 2015, 59 year old Lesin in the morning at about 11:30 in a hotel room was found within the Dupont Circle, it has no signs of life. At that time, Russia today (RT News) news network reported that Lesin died of myocardial infarction, his family received the Russian state news agency, the Russian news agency (RIA Novosti) interview is the same argument. Soon after, the Russian government praised Lesin "for the formation of modern Russian media" made a great contribution". Lesin from 1999 to 2004 served as press secretary Putin in Russia, to regain control of relatively loose domestic media in the process, Lesin and the Russian government established a deep connection. From 2004 to 2009, President Putin Lesin media consultant, founded the Russian English TV network "in Russia today". He said: "we should promote Russia in the world, or we just like a roaring down the bear." In 2014, Lesin served in Russia’s largest media holding company, Gorz Prohm media company (Gazprom-Media) executives during their personal wealth aroused suspicion in the United states. Mississippi Senator Roger (Roger Wicker) wake? Asked the Justice Department to investigate the possibility of wealth, corruption and money laundering, because the former civil servants said to have tens of millions of dollars in assets, including $28 million of real estate in Losangeles.相关的主题文章: