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The real estate tax levy dispute: the former senior Ministry of housing the first mention splitting scheme reporter Zhou Beijing reported Xiaoxiao review whether Chou Baoxing mentioned in the real estate tax, or the real estate tax levy in Canada, which belongs to the Levy in the real estate transaction tax. China’s current tax system, the real estate transaction tax is tax, but also in the real estate market regulation, often used. Part of the city of skyrocketing housing prices, so many people shouted "cannot read". The Ministry of housing and former Vice Minister Chou Baoxing recently told the media that this year has been submitted to the State Council, the real estate tax will become a combination of tax, divided into four categories, namely the consumption tax, vacant tax, transfer tax, property tax, according to different measures to increase the rationality of levy. However, scholars in the financial sector to regulate the role of tax prices should be much more calm. Many tax scholars on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the current skyrocketing housing prices is caused by many factors, such as monetary policy, credit policy, land supply, low-income housing, decision makers need an antidote against the disease, comprehensive measures. Over reliance on tax regulation, may not be able to achieve the desired effect. How to suppress prices? Chou Baoxing, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of housing once the real estate market regulation on the current judgment of the market is, "first-tier cities and some second tier city housing prices is indeed overheating, crazy state. The fundamental reason lies in the failure to deal with the differences between the various departments and the central and local governments. Dealing with these relations is the reason behind the failure of many of our macroeconomic policies. Only the central control into local government regulation, administrative means to control the use of economic levers to control, to be able to achieve a soft landing of China’s real estate." How to deal with the current situation? Chou Baoxing submitted a proposal to the State Council, it is time to consider a moderate, decentralized, non centralized regulatory policy. "Now the impact of the entire real estate trends have two swords: the first sword is the real estate tax, the second sword is the renewal of the property. The introduction of these two policies is not easy, which is mixed with too many sensitive areas and interests of the game." Imagine Chou Baoxing proposed that the real estate tax into a tax portfolio, at least four taxes, the consumption tax, vacant tax, transfer tax, property tax, according to different circumstances measures to increase the rationality of levy. Italy to Rome to adopt the consumption tax as an example, the implementation of the way, the first second sets of buyers purchase tax levied a 14% consumption tax, third sets of housing levy a 26% consumption tax, fourth suites are levied a 40% consumption tax, which is called instantaneous cooling agent real estate hot period. The introduction of "special real estate tax" approach, in the current international market has a very vivid case. For example, BC Canada (British Columbia) from August 2nd this year, the real estate investors from overseas to impose an additional 15% of the housing transfer tax, to curb the province’s Vancouver region rose too fast. In July this year, G20 Chengdu’s governors meeting, finance ministers in Singapore tax high level seminar on publicly said, tax levy will cause distortions, but for Asian countries love land and housing speculation atmosphere.相关的主题文章: