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RQFII investment quota liberalization filing system implementation will not suddenly increase the scale of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to say stocks contest 60 million newspaper reporter Yang Zhijin Beijing reported China capital projects open a major shift in October RMB soon to join the SDR on the eve of China, the central bank issued a major initiative, namely RQFII relax the quota management mechanism. Specifically, RQFII institutions in the qualification license, can record in the form of access does not exceed a certain proportion of the securities assets of assets or the management of investment quotas; foreign sovereign funds, the central bank and monetary authorities and other institutions from the scale of investment assets ratio limit. This means that the capital account liberalization has taken a big step, which is a big trend, the pace of domestic capital account liberalization is still steadily advancing. At the same time, the move will further expand the overseas offshore RMB market return to invest in domestic financial market, help to improve the allocation of large international financial institutions RMB as a reserve currency interest, RMB internationalization can smoothly move forward. Review notice major initiatives widened the RMB back channels, foreign institutions hold RMB through RQFII into the country, contribute to the internationalization of rmb. The day before, the people’s Bank, the State Administration of foreign exchange China issued "notice on the relevant issues of RMB qualified foreign institutional investors in securities investment management (hereinafter referred to as the" notice "), the State Administration of foreign exchange on a single investment amount of RMB qualified foreign institutional investors for the filing or approval of management. Previously, the safe implementation of strict examination and approval management of single RQFII quota. Interpretation of the market, which means that the process of opening up China’s capital account to move forward again. Before the amount of management need to sign a memorandum, a place to determine a quota, such as to Hongkong, how much to singapore. After the filing, the program is greatly simplified, more convenient to return the RMB, mainly to help the internationalization of the rmb." Safe BOP Secretary Guan Tao in an interview with reporters in twenty-first Century economic report. Guan Tao believes that (after the release of the amount of approval) RQFII will not increase the size of the sudden, there is no big into the big risk. In the current presence of capital outflow pressure, after the release of RQFII approval amount to help the inflow of funds, and will play a role in reducing the pressure of capital outflows. RQFII investment quota liberalization in December 2011, the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the people’s Bank, the State Administration of foreign exchange Chinese jointly issued the "fund management companies, securities companies RMB qualified foreign institutional investors in securities investment pilot approach", allowing qualified fund companies, securities company Hongkong subsidiary as a pilot institutions RQFII business, RQFII business officially started. March 2013, the people’s Bank of China, the securities and Futures Commission, the foreign exchange bureau to amend the RQFII pilot approach to expand the scope of the pilot institutions to relax the restrictions on the proportion of investment. Since then, RQFII pilot area continues to expand, has covered 17 countries and regions. On相关的主题文章: