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See from the onslaught of hot Animation Festival two times original title: watch the onslaught from the popular animation festival two times by Zhang Menren on September 30th, the ninth session of the China International Cartoon Festival will be opened in Guangzhou poly World Trade Expo center. By then, there will be nearly a hundred well-known cartoon brand at home and abroad come to participate in the exhibition, more than 10000 kinds of comic books and derivatives, and more than 500 domestic and foreign well-known animation industry guests, cartoonist to attend a series of activities. Put on more than a decade ago, many people may not think, animation in China will grow up to be such a huge industry. In my school days, anime lovers or marginal groups. A child addicted to "slam dunk" master "Captain Tsubasa" in me, also has been the mother scolded: "watch cartoons every day, grow up to eat it!" Decades later, animation has become a high-profile sunrise industry, but also created a large number of jobs – in other words, a lot of people do have the animation when the food to eat. In the United States, iron man, spider man and other anime IP, occupy half of the country Hollywood; in Japan, animation has become a pillar of the economy altogether in Japan, the economy accounted for more than 10%, becoming the third Japanese big industry. China’s animation industry in recent years has made considerable progress, from the phenomenon of "pleasant goat and grey wolf" bears ", to the movie" king return ", animation culture gradually sprout. There are market research institutions predict that in 2016 China’s Pan two dimensional user scale will reach 200 million. What is this concept? Almost every 4 users, one is the two dimension! A list of these data is to illustrate the definition of the mainstream crowd had the "youth subculture", is not a "sub culture", it is no longer a "minority culture" into the mainstream. As the two dimension culture together, B station A station traffic had inferior to traditional Youku and other video portal; barrage has walked into the cinema, watching movies, a lot of people Tucao to open a window — so you can see the original movie! The boundaries between sub culture and mainstream culture gradually blurred, society becomes more rich and diverse, but the adverse effects of this trend is quite obvious — the gap between different groups is more and more deep, this is not necessarily based on the difference of age, but mainly because the interests and values of different differentiation. The communication between different groups is more difficult, the exchanges between the two dimension is always filled with "23333" and "loser" outsiders unknown "vocabulary"; first on the B station, many people cannot read a barrage of what, also don’t understand these young, without setting head animation why let young people intoxicated. The reason is because the network in 90, 00 after generation play a decisive impact, they are no longer the mainstream traditional media covered, but looking for their own enthusiasts in the network, to establish their own discourse system, giving the sub culture strong vitality. Once this unique discourse system is established, outsiders will be difficult to integrate into this circle. This is why young people are strong in these sub cultural groups Hao相关的主题文章: