Served as mayor of the city of Jiangxi, Ganzhou Civilization responsibility heavier than the mountai

Civilization had Ren Jiangxi acting mayor of Ganzhou City: a heavy responsibility on the mountain, speak louder than words — local leaders — September 30 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to "Gannan daily" news, September 29th, the four Ganzhou Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee held the thirty-fifth meeting, the meeting examined and approved the request of the Municipal People’s Congress on the acceptance of the new cold as mayor of the municipal government’s decision has decided to appoint civilization as the municipal government vice mayor, acting mayor. Who will remember that civilization, the trust of the party and the people, remember that today’s commitment to take the lead in administrative law, accept supervision; lead hard work, take the lead in a play, people have succeeded in carrying out an assignment; public servant for the people; take the lead in cultivating self-discipline, honest. Responsibility is more important than mountains, and actions speak louder than words. According to local leaders database shows that civilization had previously served as director of bureau of Jiangxi Province, party secretary, in September transferred to the Ganzhou municipal committee. Comrade Ceng Wenming’s resume was once civilized, male, Han nationality, born in February 1963, Jiangsu, Jiangdu, joined the Communist Party of China in November 1993, in November 1984 to participate in the work, university degree, Bachelor of science. 1980.09 Jiangxi University Mathematics Department of professional learning deputy chief of Comprehensive Statistics Bureau of statistics 1984.11 cadres in Nanchang city 1993.01 Nanchang City Statistics Bureau deputy director chief of comprehensive statistics of the 1994.09 Nanchang Municipal Bureau of Statistics Department of the 1997.04 Nanchang Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau of Nanchang city 2000.07 2002.12 Nanchang city West Lake district Party committee secretary of the 2003.10 new county Party Secretary (during the period: 2004.09-2005.01 Central Party Secretary of county Party committee class 2008.05) Jiangxi provincial development and Reform Commission deputy director, Party members (during the period: 2009.09-2009.11 National School of Administration tingjuji training class; 2009.11-2010. 11 group selected to go to Shanghai World Expo attachment) 2014.03 Jiangxi provincial development and Reform Commission deputy director, committee member, Jiangxi Province, the construction of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone Office of Jiangxi province (the original the Central Soviet area revitalization and Development Office Office) deputy director (department level) party secretary, deputy secretary of the Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of statistics 2016.02 2016.09 Ganzhou municipal Party committee, municipal government and party secretary, deputy mayor, acting mayor ( as of September 2016) more channel original more personnel click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi Yang Yi)相关的主题文章: