Sheng Lida assets if the Fed interest rate will change the global

Sheng Lida assets: if the Fed interest rate will change the global prices of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Sheng Lida Asset Management Group CEO and co-founder Bi Shijie recently said at a press conference, global prices will change much, time just before the Fed rate hike. Sheng Lida assets asset management office is located in the rich, Chinese Singapore and Hongkong area, its founder Bi Shijie has held senior positions in the famous financial institutions credit suisse bank, Bank of Paris and the French bank Sarasin, had $1 billion in assets management. Bi Shijie study found that China’s real estate market and the real estate market is closely related. He believes that the fed in December or the end of the era of low interest rates, the United States, Europe, Canada, real estate prices will stop rising, which will also affect China’s housing prices. As a global real estate in September 26th, Nanjing municipal government announced the purchase of the policy; 27, Hangzhou City Housing Authority announced a tightening of the loan fund and improve the two suites down payment. Rising domestic prices triggered more and more discussion. In this round of Bi Shijie view, the real estate market must be judged from the global perspective, Chinese real estate has been highly correlated with global, any part of the adjustment will have an impact on other places. Because of the financial attributes, the real estate market is extremely sensitive to the interest rate of the central bank, while the central bank’s interest rate policy is intertwined with each other. Bi Shijie explained that the world’s central banks chart shows that from the last century since 80s, the main national interest rates continue downward, nearly 5 years of history is a long time maintained at zero interest rates, the global real estate prices continue to rise. Bi Shijie told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said: the current interest rate is too low throughout the west, as long as a little higher, the global price will be a lot of change." From the point of view of the real estate market investment, capital flows also lead to China and overseas real estate market mutual influence. "Can not be ignored, the trend is that China’s capital investment in the real estate market in recent years, the amount is very large." Bi Shijie said. According to statistics, Chinese enterprises in 2015 to invest in overseas real estate market reached $30 billion, an increase of more than two times in 2014. In 2009, the figure was only $600 million. In London, New York and other cities, many landmark buildings are Chinese insurance companies, large property developers in the bag. "Governments are also chasing real estate hot money game, so that the global real estate market is mutual influence." Bi Shijie said that Vancouver, Canada and even adjust tax policy, foreigners or foreign enterprises in the local purchase, the need to pay a one-time transfer of 15% of the real estate tax. But Bi Shijie believes that China’s housing prices do not have to be too pessimistic, because compared to overseas, China’s real estate market has additional advantages. On the one hand, China’s current interest rate of around 5%, there is enough room for regulation. "That is to say, if China wants to control the real estate price, it can use the interest rate tool at any time." Bi Shijie said. On the other hand, China相关的主题文章: