Silicon Valley giant AI Alliance apple is absent, still want to engage in their own closed door (vid soulseek

The Silicon Valley giants set up AI Alliance: apple is absent, still want to engage in their own private Tencent [editor’s note] Silicon Valley technology giant five days before the establishment of the AI alliance, behind Apple casts a thousand beams., musk and other "odd molecules" hidden efforts, on the other hand, startups are a few happy tears, a huge earthquake industry whether coming? Facebook (micro-blog), Google, Amazon, Microsoft and IBM recently teamed up to create a new AI alliance. It is reported that the original intention of this alliance is to better promote the development of AI technology and the promotion of the best solution. The five founders have equal leadership and will provide funding and research resources for the alliance. Moreover, the new AI alliance will not overturn the results of each company has been, but will provide a platform to share valuable advice. AI technology research and development of all of the above five companies responsible person said, the establishment of the alliance is that the parties have put the selfishness of historical achievement, help to create a safe and fair system of artificial intelligence platform, and finally applied to the automatic driving and health and other areas. What motives in the Microsoft Research Department official said, the establishment of the nonprofit alliance is because of the recent AI threat of rampant, so we worried that the government regulation will slow down the pace of the advance of AI technology. But in fact, these concerns are due to lack of transparency in the development of AI technology, and our propaganda work done is not good cause, so if this technology is to continue to move forward must open to obtain public tolerance. "I think it’s the right time to form the alliance. Because if the alliance was established five years ago, people would not pay any attention to it, or even that the establishment of the alliance is immature." University of Cambridge for (Centre the Study of Existential Risk), said Dr. Sean. In fact, with the rapid development of AI technology in recent years, we also see a lot of problems encountered in the real world. For example, Google’s image scanning technology will sometimes be mistaken for black apes, an algorithm used to predict crime rates are considered to have a serious tendency to racial discrimination, etc.. In addition, with the increasing strength of AI technology, people for the AI eventually rule the world, the idea also produced some concern. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (· Steve) Wozniak), Stephen · Hocking (Stephen Hawking) and · eilon musk; (Elon Musk) the day before united in hundreds of academic and industry renowned experts and scholars signed an open letter against the attack of automatic weapons. The open letter stressed: "if the development of any major military forces to promote AI weapons, it will inevitably cause the wave of global arms race, and this technology is obviously the end point trajectory, namely automatic weapons will become the next Kalashnikov submachine gun." No ginseng.相关的主题文章: