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Sino Japanese economic circles in the "cool" refers to the mutually beneficial cooperation in space is still large – Beijing, China News Agency, Tokyo, September 28 (Wang Jian) recently in Tokyo to attend the twelfth session of the "Beijing Tokyo forum" a considerable level of Sino Japanese economic and trade circles view, despite the current situation is regrettable, but between the two countries expand mutually beneficial cooperation in new space is still large, more opportunities. The deputy director of the center for international economic exchanges China long Wei Jianguo, both sides will be overwhelmed by the people the economic dialogue described as of Sino Japanese economic and trade cooperation "vein, diagnosis, prescription, the results reached many consensus. The national development and Reform Commission China academic committee secretary general Zhang Yansheng on the 28 day of the forum said that before the economic forum dialogue, the two sides of economic circles that worthy of attention is that the current decline in trade and investment greatly, weakening the Sino Japanese trade economic interdependence and mutual benefit and win-win relationship. And put forward a number of opportunities to expand cooperation opportunities. First proposed by Japanese participants "one plus one is greater than two, apparently received the approval. Fu Chengyu, former chairman of Sinopec Group, Huaxin energy executive director Zang Jianjun, and Japan’s Mitsui Co consultant Songying gun Tian et al, are put forward on whether to carry out all-round cooperation in high-speed rail, power generation, equipment manufacturing and chemical industry, and thus achieve the "one plus one is greater than two effect. Another area of concern is whether China and Japan in the development of low-carbon, green, energy-saving emission reduction, to carry out a comprehensive international cooperation. At the same time, Chinese and Japanese business people have to look into innovation, cooperation in the field of the Internet space. Alibaba group vice president Shi Dongwei describes how through the cross-border electricity supplier in China and Japan, for the past to participate in mutual investment and trade of small businesses, young people, to create an open platform for emerging Internet based industry, attracted attention. Sino Japanese cooperation in infrastructure construction, including transportation, energy, communications and other infrastructure to go out to achieve win-win cooperation, but also as a new opportunity space. Participants and suggested that China and Japan can deal with the aging of the child, to carry out some substantive cooperation. The two countries also discussed the common responsibility of the two countries for Asia and their contributions. Li Xiao, vice president of the school of economics, Jilin University professor suggested that in the case of the current global financial risk is significantly increased, the ability to promote Sino Japanese cooperation in finance, foreign exchange reserves, etc.. China and Japan to expand cooperation in emerging investment and trade in services, is also considered to have considerable opportunity space. Some people, including Fang Gang China well-known economists, also mentioned, or can be integrated in Japan and South Korea FTA negotiations regional cooperation process, try something new. (end)相关的主题文章: