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Korean media: Korean Chinese requirements in " Thad " and the relationship between China and South Korea, 2 1 (2) – Sohu military channel to exchange views on page second: thad basic position is not only Chinese, nor South Korea and Japan’s stance, which led directly to the ministers after bilateral meetings seem disagreeable conversation. According to the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs website news, Wang Yi met with South Korean Foreign Minister Yin Bingshi said that the current Sino Korean relations face difficulties and challenges. China is firmly opposed to the deployment of the United States, South Korea, Sade system, does not accept any harm to China’s strategic security interests. Data figure: Sade system missile launch screen. Korean national news, 24, commented that China asked South Korea in the de Sade and the relationship between China and South Korea in the election of two. Over the past month, China’s position on the issue of Sade not only did not loose, but harder to strengthen. Japanese media reports from the point of view, the differences between Japan and China did not shrink. According to the Japanese news network reported that bilateral talks with Japanese Foreign Minister Kishida Fumio and foreign minister Wang Yi Chinese was held in Tokyo on the afternoon of 24. Kishida in the talks, it China police boat enters Diaoyu Island 12 miles off, "invasion of Japanese territorial waters," protested to Wang Yi, asked China government control good police vessel to stop "invasion of Japanese territorial waters". In this regard, Wang Yi to refute, stressed that the Diaoyu Islands since ancient times is China territorial position, also asked Japan not to hype China police boat problem. Kishida also asked the Chinese side to accept the results of the South China Sea arbitration. Japan’s NHK television reported that bilateral talks, according to the Chinese maritime police ship into the Japanese territorial waters, "Kishida protested to Wang Yi, urged China to let things be calm. In this regard, Wang Yi insisted that the Diaoyu Islands are China’s inherent territory, and said it was important to avoid the occurrence of unexpected events. Reported that, in addition to the Diaoyu Islands issue, Kishida also for the East China Sea resources, and hope that China fully self. Kishida also expressed the following ideas: if the situation in the East China Sea has been improved, will promote the talks between the leaders of the two countries at the G20 summit, and through dialogue to improve bilateral relations, etc.. Wang Yi said, China as sponsor will assume their responsibilities, at the same time the guests should also be in accordance with the sponsor’s intention to guests. Reported that Wang Yi’s purpose is to contain Japan, not to mention the East China Sea and the South China Sea issue at the G20 summit.相关的主题文章: