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Sunny red 01: Ocean Expedition "Conditions are becoming better and better. – technology August 24th – 10, 05. "Xiangyang red 01" (hereinafter referred to as the expedition ship to leave Qingdao Pier 1). After weighing, the whole ship from the shore has been moving in parallel, is completely cross dock. To the 1 parallel to shore, that is before and after the ship bow side special push and stern thruster play a role, not only can go back to the 1, but also about rampant. To 1 of the sea trial began. Science and Technology Daily reporters fortunate enough to ship with the sea. Sitting in the most advanced research vessel, marine science and Technology Bureau of our National High Commissioner Xuemin feelings. The State Oceanic Administration in 2012 to apply for the construction of the ship. The national development and Reform Commission approved by the Bureau of Marine Research Institute under construction to the 1 "and 03" Xiangyang red two expedition ship. This is the Institute for decades to rewrite, SOA has no history of large ships. As to all 1 of the State Oceanic Administration, deputy director of the Institute Wei Zexun conceal his heart like. Previously, a person wants to do marine scientific research, only to have the boat department in coordination, people more than run a sea charter voyage, or equipped with several tests on board others, others may also in a voyage at the end of a 5 day trip to rent their own research. "It was a hard day!" No wonder a director heard that the government is going to build a research ship for them, he burst into tears. Wei Zexun said, there is a common maritime research device called the CTD (CTD), used to measure seawater temperature, salinity and depth. Before the sea measurement is to CTD out of class, it will use the winch out into the boat in the water. A lot of work is done by manpower. "Now have their own ships, equipment can be placed, take us from manual labor freed. Conditions are becoming better and better.." On the occasion of the 1 wave, the reporter visited the ship. To 1 meters long, 17.8 meters wide, with a total tonnage of 4800, endurance of 15000 nautical miles, from Qingdao directly to the west coast of the United states. The ship was built including dry, wet, general geophysics, fidelity samples, temperature control, cleaning, chemical and other 11 laboratories; ship survey equipment totaling 64 units (sets), involving multiple disciplines of Geophysics, physical oceanography, ocean remote sensing, ocean acoustics, ocean atmosphere, ocean observation, marine biology and marine chemistry. There are six systems of atmospheric sounding, water detection, sea bottom detection and deep sea environment detection. The Ocean Institute director Li Tiegang told reporters, to the 1 ship with air, sea, sea water and marine comprehensive detection ability, can meet the needs of the global survey of the marine environment and resources science, comprehensive global ocean expedition ship unlimited navigation area. To install 1 marine multichannel digital seismic system, is currently in the detection of deep seabed geological structure of the highest resolution system; 30 meters 6000 meters in the gravity piston corer in submarine, get up to 30 meters of seafloor sediments; core sampling drill can be opened downwards from several thousand meters deep seabed rock drill, up to rock 10 meters deep, which is currently the highest level of equipment. Deputy director of ocean shipping center相关的主题文章: