Tak television two hit Fan Bingbing brand series has sold 480 million e2140

Tak television two hit "Fan Bingbing" brand series has sold 480 million hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to guide the each reporter Mu Xuan intern reporter Bai Yun yesterday (October 27th noon) Tak television (300426, SZ) announcement, the company and the Zhejiang Tmall Technologies Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tmall) signed an agreement, in accordance with the agreement, Tmall paid $480 million for the right TV drama network communication "win the world". According to the network information, "win the world" by Tak television spend 500 million yuan produced, is to create "legend" cast money Wu Mei Niang costume drama starring Fan Bingbing. The "win the world" network transmission right to sell a set price of 8 million yuan, the price is one of the best TV drama copyright this year, according to the provisional 60 sets of length calculation, income can reach 480 million yuan last year, Tak television annual main income 537 million yuan. A little less than 9 million sets of "Yi Zhuan" as though the movie box office market this year, the overall weak, but still worry about selling TV rights. Yesterday, Tak television announcement, signed an agreement with Tmall, after the signing of the agreement, Tmall will enjoy the exclusive right to network dissemination of information of TV drama "win the world" in Chinese mainland (including the delegation and independent rights activist), at the same time enjoy the drama related authorship. Announcements, authorized network platform, including Tmall technology and its partner companies operating network platform (including but not limited to tmall, youku., Youku, com, soku, Tudou, Tudou). It is worth noting that, "win the world" the disclosure of the creative team is almost legendary "later (2014 edition, the same below)" of the core team to win the world "," directed by Gao Yijun, starring Fan Bingbing is a "legend" and female director Wu 1. In 2015, the annual sales revenue 537 million yuan, according to the drama of the collection of $480 million in the right to spread the network to calculate, has accounted for the last year, the annual revenue of the film and television of the last year, the German film and television revenues of $89.39%. And, this is just the price of the right to network transmission, does not include the price of TV to buy. At the same time, compared to the later "legend" Tak television accounted for only 40% of the proportion of the "win the world" Tak television holds 70% of the share of investment, so to enjoy more of the proportion of revenue is in doubt. In fact, the Tak television reported 8 million yuan in prices in the industry are high price, music is the media research information director Peng Kanxiang reporter said: "before I heard the most is the 900 case set as" Yi biography "," win the world "and" Yi Zhuan "such as is almost level, may be a little low. TV may sell 5 million yuan? Finally, a set of estimates on the 13 million yuan." No significant impact on the business this year, in fact, the review of the Tang Dynasty相关的主题文章: