Ten things children before the age of ten must know is more important than learning winlinez

Ten things children before the age of ten must know is more important than to study a lot of parents will do a grand party for children ten years old birthday, this is because in the growth of a child, ten years old is a child from the age of youth began to transition to celebrate a milepost. After ten years of age, parents [micro-blog] want children more mature and sensible, the child is more and more independent self-awareness. So, in order to ensure that children are able to grow in the physical and mental health in the transition from childhood to youth, parents should be in when the child was ten years old so that they learn to understand and master some necessary lessons and make full preparations. The following is the ten thing American education scholars concluded children before the age of ten should know or do. Than math and English Ancient Chinese Literature Search piano, the ten thing sounds much more simple, but these can help children become a sound personality, rich emotion and master the basic ability to live independent and confident young. First, their clothes, bathing and combing their hair is the most basic living ability, perhaps some parents will say, my child will be. But will do and consciously cultivate the habit is different. In order to catch up with the school or cram school, above the mother to help the child to wear a coat, the father below to tie shoelaces, I believe that such a scene is not unfamiliar in many families. Wearing clothes, bathing and combing the hair, these things are not so much a child’s exercise as a test of the parents. Many parents think that children do slow, do not, or in order to catch up with the time, instead of directly to the child to do. As everyone knows, only parents stop, children will be hands-on, will gradually form the habit of doing, but not only know how to do these things. Two, how to use the money to say here is not understanding the currency value, or simply pay to buy things in the shop, but let the children have the concept of money. Parents should let their children understand the hard work to make money, let the children know that some of the major expenses at home, such as mortgage and so on, and let the children manage their pocket money, know how to control consumption. Parents should not be instilled in the child’s idea is that you do not have to worry about money, as long as you read the book, how much money we are willing to spend". Three, understand their own body physical education in the school, parents should teach children some basic physiological knowledge, including let children understand the various parts of the body and how to work, learn how to protect your body from harm. Let children have the gender consciousness, the problem on the physiology and sexual aspects of children, parents should give a positive answer, to encourage children to ask these questions, and not do things carelessly that can lead to the formation of secretive, wrong concepts in the brain of a child. Four, prepare breakfast in most of the time for their children, the morning bleary eyed to get up, the parents have rich breakfast on the table. But we think, if Mom and dad have urgent things, or can not afford to get up for breakfast, the child is not able to quickly and quickly feed themselves. Remember when I was in the United States just gave birth to a little girl, every night tired muscle相关的主题文章: