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The 166 recruit new community enlarged Eagle Club four days recruit 520 people – Beijing North 166 communities to recruit new club veteran zoom trick Eagle club in just four days to recruit a total of 520 "new Moutai plus membership tasting wine", "the agency sent a postcard" hit several punches to keep fit, refreshed"…… Yesterday morning, accompanied by the sound of crying, Peking University in autumn 2016 annual recruitment of new members began, hundreds of community site tricks "hundred regiments started to emerge in an endless stream". Yesterday morning 8 am, New Campus Center East, the Centennial Hall on the south side of the "triangle" area filled with hundreds of large and small booth, community flags, recruit new leaflets, propaganda Yilabao everywhere. Many freshmen come to the booth before they are interested in consulting. Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the new recruit some of the club are based on the group characteristics, to exhaust all the skills out of tricks to attract new entry. Out of the fire 2 hours community special delicacy to recruit 60 people in the North Yuan fire animation booth, three Cosplay cartoon character of girls holding a stack of flyers, while hard shouting slogans, and put out a variety of other photo and past students, attracted a lot of new gazing. The organization responsible for a new recruit registration classmate told reporters BYD, two hours or so it has more than 60 students filled out into the Agency registration form, registration is very hot". In order to be able to attract more freshmen, many cultural groups have come up with specialty food, and some even cook in the field. In the society of tea booth, as long as the scan QR code, and focus on community public goods, will be able to drink a glass of Phoenix Dancong tea. In order to promote home culture and specialty, an old member of North Guizhou chungshe actually took the Moutai wine into the club can taste a cup. Chinese society of students directly to the electric cooker to the booth, the self-made plum soup to join the students for free, less than two hours on the bottom of the plum. The community site entertainer sports clubs share the welfare BYD reporters yesterday at the scene to see the new recruit, all kinds of instrumental associations before the exhibition audio equipment have been installed, some students play their instruments, some students directly, opened up a cappella concert. In addition, folk art association of students wearing a gown with magic Allegro, association of students is hard to perform a magic, old club members began to hand teaching players. BYD reporter noted that the new recruit, Peking University Badminton Association booth thronged the table neatly with a stack of membership card, as long as 70 yuan, the new members can be in a fixed period of time to the North Qiu Deba stadium sports special enjoy membership for ten weeks. Ski Association also launched a new member of the ski discount activities, all members can participate in skiing 15 yuan discount. The old society "Eagle club" recruits over 500 as the north campus the most well-known veteran Association, Eagle club this year from September 15th onwards began to recruit new, just four days to recruit a total of 52 new art相关的主题文章: