The baby girl was hit by falling cement blocks smashed 89 owners of the district lost a total of 360 puritans pride

The baby was empty falling cement blocks hit the residual District 89 owners pay 360 thousand Sohu news according to Xinhua news agency, social concern, Hanyang District of Wuhan City, high-altitude parabolic cause baby small Xinyi disability claims, recently in Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court of second instance verdict. The court rejected the appeal of the demands of the owners, the owners maintain common small Xinyi compensation 360 thousand yuan of first instance verdict. In November 2014, more than and 40 day old baby girl small Xinyi sun in Hanyang century dragon District 11 Building 2 downstairs, was injured by throwing a cement block. Small Xinyi was rushed to hospital, and the forensic identification of seven disability. Small Xinyi family failed to find the perpetrators, the building outside the building 32 floors in addition to a total of 128 property owners sued to court. Hanyang District People’s court held that the 11 century dragon residential building 2 unit 2 floor above No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 were real ability damage and risk control may be part of a trial, which makes small Xinyi co owners compensation 89 houses 363 thousand yuan. After the verdict, Chen Moumou and other 47 owners to the Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court of appeal, the stone floor parabolic responsibility to ask the court to carry out scientific testing, to the owners do not assume responsibility etc.. Wuhan City Intermediate People’s court held that the appellant proposed by science and technology inspection or testing to determine the scope of the floor of the appeal, because of the scene without a witness who saw the accident, can not reproduce the process, and the public security organs on-site investigation, extraction of DNA did not determine the actual infringer, so can not through the existing scientific and technical means to fully reproduce or restore the objective facts. The court verdict, the verdict facts are clear, the applicable law is correct, to dismiss the appeal and upheld the original verdict.相关的主题文章: