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"The bottom line" country hit Huang Zhizhong investigation "danger Huansheng" – Entertainment Sohu Huang Zhizhong stills entertainment Sohu directed by Gao Jinjun, Huang Zhizhong, Zuo Xiaoqing, actress guojinglin and portrait appeared in the modern drama "bottom line" anti-corruption National Day is eight sets of CCTV gold theater hit, the play is Guoneishoubu on the inspection and quarantine departments the daily work of the film and television works, showing a new field to the audience, once broadcast by the parties concerned. In the play, Huang Zhizhong played the inspection team leader Ding Da, the moment of national and people’s interests in the first place, with keen observation and determination, again see criminals trickery, uncovered a number of major cases, hold to the motherland and the people’s national security line. Huang Zhizhong axis effort on the line to solve the problem as a result of the temptation to attract numerous uniforms, it is understood that the play for the audience to understand the specific work of the quality inspection departments to open the door. In the play, Huang Zhizhong played the daily work of the audit team led by the director of the people’s lives related to all aspects, which determines the responsibility of their major. In order to ensure people’s normal life, to ensure the safety of the state property, Ding up to lead the group to devote their work, regardless of the size of the case will be carefully treated, not the slightest careless and compromise. In the face of the crafty enemy they courageous wisdom, will not miss any doubts. To this end, Ding group basically no time to rest, even in order to work, he was not able to accompany her daughter. "The character of Ding Da in a bar, especially the principle, who can not touch his bottom line" Huang Zhizhong said, he dedicated to the country and the people responsible, just want to get rid of, but to his daughter, he is owed. Nevertheless, in a uniform of Huang Zhizhong Hao Ran to the righteous people, tall figure handsome, full screen is positive energy, attracted many netizens attention, countless circle powder. Love brother Huang Zhizhong investigation difficulties hindered trapped in the scene, the waste materials smuggling case involved a major chemical plant equipment supply, as the case is mainly responsible for Huang Zhizhong’s Ding was in the process of handling cases, found the old schoolmate and friend He Lidong (Guo Jinglin ornaments) have a major suspect. But opponents based on his own understanding and social public opinion, as well as his lover Kong Siqin (Zuo Xiaoqing ornaments), the use of Ding for the case set up a lot of obstacles. In the face of betrayal and embarrassed brother, misunderstanding and opposition leader lovers, suspicion and distrust, he encounters difficulties and problems of hitherto unknown, the most sad is not the enemy’s treachery, but relatives and friends hurt. Fortunately, he did not give up, adhere to their own beliefs and responsibilities, and resolutely fight against criminals. Among them, Huang Zhizhong played Ding will be how to defuse the crisis, but will encounter what kind of difficulties, 7:30 every night, do please lock CCTV 8 sets of TV channels!相关的主题文章: