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The death of five! A five more than death terror team was born director Xu Zhang Masters champion Xu McGrady Mora draft into death group with ashes of South emperor North beggar in the supernatural five legend five described by Mr Jin Yong, the five heroes have their own characteristics, personal independence of conduct readers. NBA is also the world five, the five peak period if the team, absolutely is a death five more terrible than the warriors team! Listen to the following Xiaobian to careful analysis of the characteristics! This is a white chocolate — ashes ashes Pharmacist Hwang, median seven points with three points with evil, evil is. Extraordinary martial arts skills, deviant personality, arrogant stature, erratic, like ghosts. NBA his passing ghost fleet, no one can be measured, a wonderful ghost teammates love and hate, if there are only 1000 kinds of passing, then he will choose 1001st. Some people say that his passing will be pregnant, and some say he left the king to make the king a real team. Although numerous fans crazy, he is still the one white chocolate — Jason Williams. Time – Artest Ouyang Feng called "time", he is a villain Jin Yong’s impressive, but because the fighting skill of the style known as the old poison, life is the pursuit of the ultimate warrior he practiced by inverted jiuyinzhenjing zouhuorumo, is a bad thing to do, but in the end, after greatly discerning and apprehending with Master Hongqi laugh away and still lose a identity. NBA of the time also had been more deviant refers to his tough style, needless to say, a muscle to competitors. He is a comprehensive skill has become the boss won the right-hand man, but in the warm-up match to Jordan severing the ribs, cause palace bloody brawl, elbowing harden concussion, become NBA of the "old poison", you can not love him, but you can’t forget him in the League left us wild memories. He is Artest, is now the charity World peace. Nandi – Marbury Jin Yong ‘s a self styled master NANTEX, martial repair if this is to reach the peak of perfection, Dali’s royal family when he was young wandering, nostalgia flowers, middle-aged epiphany choice monk, converted to Buddhism, another martial pinnacle achievement. NBA is the son of New York NANTEX, he is the 96 golden generation leader, he is the Big Apple hopes, the peak season averaging 22.2 points and 8.4 assists, he also called lone wolf, NBA has also been cast aside, at the age of 33 he decided to become China, Beijing Shougang new brain, LED three wins the total champion, another story. When a lone wolf faded vanity, he has become the people of Beijing in the courteous and accessible mazhengwei. North beggar – Billups Master Hongqi fingered godly beggar lifetime wandering, wandering the world, honest, deep black and white two. Detached martial beat dog stick and Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon unrivaled arena. NBA the North beggar live with a big heart to become the grassroots FMVP, for seven consecutive years in the conference finals, the achievement of Wuhu legendary piston. But Billups’s wandering, the piston, the clippers, Nicks, Denver, Minnesota, the Celtics have become a part of his memory, and those events become career tragedy code Artest Auburn Hills相关的主题文章: