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11 year old boy genius European contact LOL and at 14 years old 11 years old came into contact with the EU summit of the League of legends, 14 year old will be able to play on the European service strongest King first, then joined the occupation. After helping the team to qualify for LCS, it is the best newcomer award of the year. He is known as the first European Delevan Steven "Hans Sama Liv". Coca-Cola Gaming Awards is organized by Coca-Cola one of the Electronic Sports Awards in recent years, Coca-Cola’s foray into the electronic games, and fist game held in cooperation with the S4 world finals, and the title sponsor of this year’s LCK league. At the end of the CCGA2016 awards ceremony, the winner of the best newcomer award is Steven Sama Hans Liv. Hans also published a speech on their face book, thanks to vote for his fans. Many of the audience or domestic players do not understand, he is currently the Misfits team ADC players in the S4 season, when 14 year old Hans has been the summit of EU strongest king, and from the age of 11 he began to play the hero alliance, and that is the strongest Delevan game player. In June this year when he joined the Misfits team, won the first place in the regular season and playoff challengers in Europe, and in the 2017 European LCS lifting match helped the team to a 3-1 victory over Schalke 04 team, won the European LCS League next year. Although the Misfits team also did not disclose the specific lineup of their 2017 season, but basically determine the Hans will keep the team in the League next year, the European LCS, can see the wonderful performance of the occupation of little brother. He used by most Heroes: C Delevan, grace, last used in the occupation in the game Sivir, got 708 KDA.相关的主题文章: