The fund has intelligent fixed investment thermal time choice and efficiency even more advantages –

The fund has intelligent fixed investment thermal time choice and efficiency even more advantages – fund channel investment psychologists have said: in any investment, the need to avoid the "band wagon effect" and "loser effect". The former refers to the investors in the market, always follow the band, carrying the task of "playing head car", this trend was obvious in the bull market, until the risk comes, investors hasty; the latter refers to the retail investment frustrated, often as "defeated the hound", see themselves as disadvantaged, to spearhead the investment tools of producers and sellers, no longer buy financial products. These two effects also reflects the difficulty of the fund investment and pain points: when to buy? Can I help you? When to sell? "The fund investment strategy wise, can help investors to buy some weakening, diluted cost, selling the right choice in their own hands." TX Investment Research Center Manager Jia Zhi said. According to the assessment center director Wang Qunhang Ji An Jinxin Fund (blog, micro-blog), the domestic securities investment fund investment rose in 2008, in order to investors "load shifting" ironing "cost". With the passage of time, investment strategy has become more and more abundant, divided into double, single and double uncertain multiple strategies. Double set is the traditional regular fixed; single set, that is, regular, fixed, or regular, not fixed; double variable, that is, irregular, not fixed. At present, will be facing several major errors: one must equal investment. In fact, when the market fell more than 2%, matching investment is likely to miss the opening opportunities. If the market decline compared with the previous day had no obvious change, should maintain the same amount of fixed investment. If the market always does not move sideways, it should slowly reduce the amount of fixed investment. The two is scheduled to vote must insist for a long time, as long as the sales agency signed investment agreement, will not have to care about the market price. In fact, investment cycle is best not more than a CBBC cycle, otherwise it may loss quilt. The three is scheduled to vote for education and pensions, is only retail patent. In fact, institutions can also share the band bonus through investment, in addition to education and pensions, short-term funds can also participate in the vote. Day general manager Philip fund products Li Jun believes that in this context, the traditional fund investment model requires a cross cycle and reverse cycle marketing, in order to get rid of the short-term bull market "within 3 months of a field will rise the embarrassment". To be popular, do not let investors racking their brains to think about when to buy and buy what". The "white box express mode intelligent fixed investment strategy" came into being. The so-called white box express strategy is to adopt the combination as clear as noonday told investors the fund investment strategy, and the implementation of the agreed transaction. Celestica "bull 28 wheeled" strategy as an example, the strategy by the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300, Celestica Celestica securities 500 days and Hong Yongli bond fund 3 product combination, assuming buying point reference 20 days ago is one point, as long as the CSI 300 rose to the main funds to buy the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 in 500, high buy card in 500, if the 2 equity products are down, just to hold the bond funds in the small cap and large cap stocks, stock and bond between the realization of the "28 wheeled". In essence, this strategy.相关的主题文章: