The knife stabbed LYFT Uber cooperation and common services to the car driver using the latter

The knife stabbed Lyft Uber cooperation and common services to the car driver using the Uber Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Uber and General Motors announced Tuesday, Uber will test a service that allows drivers to car sharing service in San Francisco by general Maven. This cooperation is surprising, because GM in early last year to Uber rival Lyft invested $500 million, becoming the largest shareholder of Lyft. Uber and GM will start the first 90 days of testing. With this new agreement, Uber drivers to pay $179 per week and taxes can be leased to the car through a common Maven sharing service. The partnership is similar to Uber car rental giant Hertz Global Holdings, Enterprise car rental services provided by Holdings. Uber and Lyft consider car rental as an important tool to provide adequate vehicles in major markets, both of which provide subsidies for car rental costs. These car rental projects are expected to open a new driver for the taxi market, which does not have a car or unable to buy a car. Lyft through its Express Drive short rental service to the driver to lease a car from a generic Maven service, while providing Hertz’s car. Lyft spokesman said: "it is foreseeable that the car rental project will have a number of partners." GM spokesman · Annalisa; Bloom (Annalisa Bluhm) said that if the test is successful, the company is likely to expand the project to Uber rental outside San Francisco. Bloom said that since 9 months ago, GM and Lyft on the Express Drive services to cooperate since the rapid growth of Maven projects. Lyft driver through the car rental project mileage of more than 20 million miles (about 32 million 180 thousand km). She said that cooperation with Uber will expand the coverage of universal Maven shared services, Maven and Lyft cooperation has never been exclusive, after all, Lyft is also working with hertz. We will not hinder the development of Lyft, we want them to grow, she said, they will also allow us to expand the Maven brand influence." Bloom said, Express Drive is an independent service, does not belong to the joint development of Lyft and on-demand part of the automatic driving car network. General CEO Marie · (Mary Barra); Barak said this week that the two companies are in Scottsdale Arizona and San Francisco on the road test of the 30 Chevrolet Bolt automatic driving vehicle, the autopilot is responsible for driving the trainer ".       she said GM’s collaboration with Lyft has been focused on the future of automatic driving from the start. (compile Xiao rain) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: