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The lost boys sitting in the subway station staff to help find 16 – Beijing, September 10th 17 PM, Metro Line 9, the driver found a child alone in the car station, station staff immediately notify Guo Gongzhuang. The 6 year old boy was the subway staff stopped, after inquiry knowing and separated from their families. Repeatedly guide that boy in the Shichahai sports school and grandma alone has been separated, take the 16 subway station ready to go home. Staff were asked to ask his father’s phone, took nearly two hours to help the child find his family. In September 10th 17, line 9, the driver a child alone in the waiting found in the car, immediately call the Guogongzhuang station. Guogongzhuang station staff Lv Na after inspection found the subway alone 6 year old boy chen. After the inquiry found that the family separated, is preparing to go home alone. Guogongzhuang subway station chief assistant Zhao Yali introduction, to find the boy, Lv Na took him to the duty room, he asked the family name and telephone. But the boy because of his age, coupled with tension and fear, has been unable to articulate the family call. Subway transfer linkage mechanism may arrive at the station and asked the boy related staff, and guide children to call. "We buy him water, chat with him, and later he said his father’s phone, just 10 digits, can not contact. After about an hour or so, the boy finally made it clear to his father." Lu Na said. Chen Chen’s mother Ms. Zhang, when her father and the children are not around children, kids and grandma went to Shichahai sports school martial arts, after the practice, grandma toilet time, kids get lost. After receiving the phone after her grandmother, and immediately went to find my lover, "after the alarm to the nearby Shichahai sports school to view the surveillance video, the father speculation that the child may take the subway to the railway station immediately find alone. Later, the father in the west station Guogongzhuang station staff received a call, immediately rushed to find the child." Around 18, the little boy father came to Beijing Fangshan Guogongzhuang subway station, Beijing subway staff thanks. "We are especially grateful to the Beijing subway, leaving him, asking him to buy water and contact his parents. We were so lucky, so touched." The mother wrote in the circle of friends. Text newspaper reporter Liu clues to provide Mr. Zhang相关的主题文章: