The report said that in 2016 China’s virtual reality industry market size of 5 billion 660 million y ratatouille

The report said 2016 is expected to China virtual reality industry market size of 5 billion 660 million yuan –IT– original title: reports of 2016 is expected to China virtual reality industry market size of 5 billion 660 million yuan China Electronic Information Industry Development Institute CCID think tank 7 released the report, in 2015 China’s virtual reality (VR) industry market size of 1 billion 540 million yuan (RMB, the same below), is expected in 2016 will reach 5 billion 660 million yuan. Virtual reality technology system includes four aspects: perception, modeling, presentation and interaction. Since 2015, the virtual reality consumer products such as helmets, glasses, etc. continue to launch, making it one of the most concerned in the field of electronic information industry. Virtual reality industry is expected to become the world’s computer, smart phone after the new universal computing platform. CCID think tank released 7 "virtual reality industry development and application of white paper" said citing data, many domestic and foreign large-scale market research institutions of global VR industry in 2020 is expected in 15 billion to $30 billion; Gartner expects VR industry reached $40 billion in 2020. The report said, is expected in 2020 Chinese domestic VR equipment shipments of 8 million 200 thousand units, more than 25 million subscribers, compared with $2 billion 800 million in 2020 the global VR hardware market, the scale of Chinese domestic VR hardware market will account for 34.6% of the world. China virtual enterprises are mainly divided into two categories: one is based on the traditional hardware industry mature or content advantage to the virtual reality field penetration, the intelligent mobile phone and other hardware manufacturers are mostly from the hardware layout; two is a new type of virtual reality industry companies, including ecological platform companies and start-ups, internet firms the leader of a series of layout in the hardware platform, content, and ecological fields. According to statistics, China’s domestic market is still dominated by the mainstream mobile phone VR VR glasses, VR video content to be much more than the number of VR game content development. Domestic VR platform has about 2700 video and 800 games. At the same time, the number of domestic VR experience the number of rapid growth in recent years, the country has more than 2000. (reporter Liu Yuying) (Yi Xiao, commissioning editor Yang Bo)相关的主题文章: