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The report said Chinese people spend 490 million yuan to nearly 30% in the United States for financial Babala | shopping desire of the city every day, a symbol of luxury identity? The Xinhua news agency released the "annual index Chinese cross-border consumer report (2016)", "tourism deficit" situation is worrying on each reporter Zhang Wen "cross-border travel + consumption boom surging, Chinese are increasingly keen on consumption abroad. In September 7th, the Xinhua news agency released the "annual index Chinese cross-border consumer report (2016)" (hereinafter referred to as the "report"), the report pointed out that in 2015 Chinese outbound tourism consumption structure in 2014 compared with the great changes. The three most popular places for Chinese residents to travel abroad are retail stores, hotels and luxury stores. In 2015, China residents travel to the United States to reach 2 million 590 thousand passengers, an increase of 18% in 2015, China visitors $26 billion 900 million in the United States Tourism Branch, the tourism industry accounted for U.S. exports to Chinese service products 59%. Report data show that Chinese tourists on average to create about $74 million a day (about $490 million) in revenue, as of 2015, China has surpassed Brazil to become the fifth largest source of tourists. In the industry view, the present data behind a worrying: domestic and foreign consumption of "price scissors" was brought about by tourism service trade deficit is widening. Outbound consumption to bring tourism deficit outbound tourism, cross-border consumption is becoming a new trend of people’s lives. The report shows that from the Chinese outbound travel situation, in 2015 China’s outbound tourism consumption structure in 2014 compared with the larger changes. Chinese residents outside the three places of tourist consumption is the highest fashion retail stores, hotels and luxury stores in fashion retail stores for 100, in the hotel and luxury stores respectively in the proportion of expenditure are spending 67% and 52% retail stores. In 2014, the most popular place for Chinese tourists to travel abroad is the hotel. The recent three years of data supporting this cross-border tourism + cross-border consumption trend, and behind the numbers, is a tourism deficit of the status quo. The "daily economic news" reporter combing the World Tourism Organization (OMT) statistics found that from 2013 to 2015, China mainland tourists outbound tourism expenditures were $129 billion, $155 billion and $292 billion, while the National Bureau of statistics data show that foreign tourists to travel to China during the same period total expenditures of only $51 billion 700 million, $51 billion 500 million and 117 billion 600 million dollars, a simple calculation can be found, caused by tourism deficit showed an increasing trend year by year. Among them, Chinese tourists in the United States tourism expenditure in nearly 30% of the proportion for fashion shopping spending, in contrast, in 2015, American tourists in the consumer spending China ranked in the top five consumer items are accommodation, catering, shopping malls, airlines and fashion retail. "A week in Saipan, five star hotel accommodation is nearly twenty thousand yuan, do not consider shopping, live in upscale hotel expenses accounted for over the entire journey." A recent just from the plug.相关的主题文章: