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The Russian military developed new bombs can avoid air defense firepower – Military – in mechanized melee, short range ground to air missile and antiaircraft gun can pose a threat to the bombers. Russian military enterprises are developing a kind of precise guidance, to identify the "enemy" glider cluster bombs, can make the aircraft bombing outside the short-range air defense firepower range, to avoid anti-aircraft fire. Is the Moscow State Library Card Bin City "- 2016 military forces" on the show, the Russian "basalt" scientific production company (hereinafter referred to as "basalt" company) exhibit called "glide cluster bomb rig", to Russian national level test of the weapon will be completed this year. Basalt information provided by the company, the rig cluster bomb model is 500U, length of 3.1 meters, the body diameter of 45 cm, weighing up to 540 kg, containing 15 sub bombs. The cluster bomb carried by fighter bombers, when the aircraft away from the ground height of 14 kilometers, 30 kilometers away from the enemy lines to be put in. At this time, have not yet entered the enemy aircraft short-range air defense fire circle. In the bombing, aircraft without any control of the "drilling rig" cluster bombs, allowing them to glide to the enemy. "Drilling rig" cluster bombs on inertial guidance and GLONASS satellite navigation device, can accurately approach the enemy lines. Since then, it will carry out the sub bomb, the detection of these sub devices can be found from the enemy weapons and equipment of the infrared radiation and radar waves, and thus accelerate the ignition target. If the hostile tanks and armored vehicles have begun to battle, these bombs can also be sent to the ground armored target specific electronic pulse signal, and according to whether the target feedback response signal correctly, to distinguish between friend or foe, and designed to fight the enemy. According to the "Exhibition on behalf of the company," basalt "drilling rig" cluster bomb sub standard bomb warhead, a cluster bomb 15 bullet bomb can destroy 6 armored target. In addition, also can be in the cluster bomb bomb, bomb blast fragmentation reloading, incendiary bombs and anti bomb bunker, all-weather attack enemy soldiers, command post, radar station and service generator for air defense missile. Compared with the single air to surface missiles, a "drilling rig" cluster bombs at lower costs, the amount of ammunition is more than the former 70%. "Drilling rig" cluster of the United States and the United States and the United States air defense zone outside the launch of weapons – similar to the JSOW bomb, the two in the low altitude after the launch of a similar distance. But there is also a JSOW bomb can fly hundreds of kilometers of the model, rig cluster bomb does not have this feature. Russian experts participating in the exhibition said they are planning to rig the installation of high-power engine, to catch up with the JSOW bomb. (Luan Hai) (Intern:   commissioning editor Wang Lujia, Cao Kun)相关的主题文章: