The truth is the lion constellation relief fire Liao I crisp (Figure) icesword

The truth is: the lion constellation relief fire Liao I crisp (Figure) show me later, by the female lion poker-faced refused, so can be friends, but the lion boring began to tease me! A meeting with me and all kinds of cold face! I’m no longer a lion…… Sina stretch110 users love to say to the Sina constellation lion Xiehuo I got to know a female lion cakes for 2 months, I told her to fall in love at first sight, is approached understanding, she is reviewing pubmed. Her face is often no expression, belong to the kind of people who do not know that the cold, then really talk to you is heartless, the giant mccain. When I first told her face-to-face chat really shocked, because I have always felt that she belongs to the quiet introverted girl. Later, I have been very concerned about her, we chat very speculative. Because she is taking exams, dare not bother her too much, only about a few times to eat out. Another time she was depressed, accompanied her to K a song. Understanding the whole month, I said, my idea is very simple, just want to tell her I like her, did not expect her to give me the answer. But she said she had to give an answer, and then I was a tragedy. A few days later my illness, and take the initiative to contact her. Feel that our relationship has been restored to the past, so I gave myself a little hope. What mobile phone chat ah, all kinds of jokes, all the truth will say, for example, called her a pig or she called me a pig, this. But in recent days, I met with her alone, to greet her, she always faces, at most, "well". This is about half a month, I think that is not a stingy man. But in the face of their favorite girl, you are a big smile was cold face to freeze, the kind of feeling, who can not stand it…… Note: chat chat chat with a happy face and no expression of this state is the same period…… So I’m tangled up. About this problem, I once asked her, she said. I would be embarrassed, I said that I do not embarrassed, she said you have a thick skin…… Then there was no change, and I asked, she replied that she was bored with her studies…… But this gives me the feeling that is in keeping with me, ah, a person can not even under the pressure of laughter? So I chose a temporary cold look, has been a few days without any text messages, telephone greetings. I feel like I’m falling in love…… But I have been afraid she put her as a friend, if so I can’t go on, I compare this person that I love, if doomed eternally……相关的主题文章: