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A wide range of international courses over the past to tell you how to choose the last week to participate in an event, to learn a few years ago to study abroad to return to the sister, really learned a lot. Her family of two girls this year, and now the children have a good discussion to go to the international school, which I do not say, but to learn is IB courses. I have also learned about some of the differences in the course, but after all, the child is still small, less than the time to choose, so it is not so tangled. But after chatting with the sister, the heart is a lot more transparent. I asked her why she chose IB because it was simpler than AP? She said not because this is mainly because the child grew up very independent, very good arrangements for the time, but also need not worry about her learning, learning ability is very strong, otherwise IB course quantity, also learn fast, she certainly didn’t want him so hard, after all children grew up to study a dance, now also learning speeches and swimming every day, the schedule is very full. And the IB diploma to social services, graduation thesis and interdisciplinary ability are far more than ordinary high school diploma requirements, not because the child is not biased, but English has been very good, the French began to contact, or not so chose. There is the child after they want to go to Canada to study, but a few years ago, there is news that Canada College Admission with special consideration for IB students, whether it is true or not, when the news was the icing on the cake. I want to do is far from me, or look at the difference between these courses prepared against want good, if the brain can not remember, and finishing again, really has some clear way, and to share. This article from the "xiaoxiaohcl" Sina blog, click read the full text. Sina education parents class!! The classroom curriculum: August 2nd "parents apply for U.S. schools, children also need to customize the program 4" [] "the August 4th Qilian Mountains dry cargo for their undergraduate study in" Xu Yi [August 9th] "the dry cargo to apply for U.S. schools, how to choose the new SAT ACT test and pro? "Xu Yi [August 10th]" the dry cargo secret is three of the world’s top art institutions value works what the word "Wen Li [August 11th] the dry cargo" parents, how to cultivate students’ self-learning attitude "TOEFL [Qilian Mountains] August 16th" China the dry cargo students and American host family "spark" Lu "Wei [article] August 17th" dry cargo of American students after graduation and the development trend of the U.S. green card for "Li Kai [article] August 18th" how to dry cargo from the application perspective of international curriculum International School "laocha [August 23rd] the dry cargo" to apply for U.S. schools how to plan extracurricular activities "laocha [the] August 24th" American dry cargo with the Canadian immigration benefits, risk, life comparison "[September 5th] the Luo Ning dry cargo" cannot read what the university ranking To apply for U.S. schools "Huang De Jong [article] September 6th America" dry cargo: Philippines相关的主题文章: