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They cite: Angelababy finally cut off the hair, and maybe a "pink gold dye" more perfect source: WeChat in the subscription number for hair every day for eight Beauty: (bagongju) a few days ago, Angelababy studio in the official blog on drying out of a group of Baby hair cut scenes photos. Record the whole process of barber. Cut bangs Angelababy is also a second to the student younger sister, netizens said: Yan high value of anything, Baby what hairstyle is very beautiful. Has been a long black Jumbo shape baby, change the other end, really kind of get back to 16 years depending on the sense that. In our impression, baby is always partial volume other loyal powder, the hair must also seek change and new breakthroughs! Once the amazing time of the shape, and now the pure temperament, as expected, it is necessary to change the shape of the school! But in fact the first Baby debut when he bangs, let eight take you back for AB by the girls become a wife of hair transformation history! AB girls hair transformation history 1 "under the Lion Rock Band" baby frost chrysanthemum debut, also keep neat bangs style, when she was 16 years old, broken bangs, low ponytail baby is not now a small woman’s temperament, like the girl in the class. 2 "short of love" 7 years ago in the development of Hongkong baby, Liu Qi straight hair, yellow hair, and the baby of mixed characteristics, a lot of people think, then baby could be her Yan peak value. Baby plays like an angel girl angel, kind and gentle. She covered like exudes supple and tender sweetness, vitality of a girl. Side face and now exactly the same! 3 "city of love" friendship is a well – and Baby, they met in the "city of love", as of 70s two lovers, and they also offer mutual kiss on the big screen. When the Baby has just entered the mainland audience’s sight, partial, two tails, a girl next door feeling. 4 "one" global love and Baby again in cooperation with the series, but this time the Baby has been replaced by mature hair, early small woman’s elegant and intellectual. 5 "first" and "getting better", "the bride of the micro love big fight" in hair, baby ball head, perfect!!! 6 "dragon tactic" regression braid, reminiscent of her first look into our field of vision! People in different stages have different beauty, debut baby like a cute little girl, and now, she is more of a happy little woman temperament. Of course, there are some fans said that the message of the Japanese dress up Baby, but also suggested that Baby for hair dyeing. Yang Mi: the most suitable for downloading sweater missing Style well, autumn has come, does the change for a shorter length, shorter, straight roll, straight, the routine of the change. This autumn, let’s change the hair color is ok! From Grandma gray, smoked purple to dirty pink, pink gold dye, rainbow head hair can play a variety of tricks. 1 "dirty pink" suitable for skin color: any color come over!相关的主题文章: