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This insurance can bear children " " financial Sohu before the pay draw after luxury cars are not afraid – a middle school near the small pass, heard the slogan came as one falls, another rises is the new campus, nine out of ten in the military, this youth voice can not help but let Xiaobian think back to my childhood. Remember, when small but notoriously naughty, are fighting over the wall, what special skills, so always get yourself injured every two or three days. Remember there is a fight with the kids, accidentally hit his head on the floor of a fence, the blood was gushing. Perhaps, now as small as naughty children are rare, but the parents of the child’s safety, health, education, but there is no less than. To this end, Xiao Bian in the school season this month, for the children to choose a school ceremony, but also for your parents to send a dose of antihypertensive drugs". Carry on antihypertensive drugs — children’s Insurance said pressure, Xiao Bian often hear the surrounding colleagues Tucao, said some difficult to buy a house, some say Beijing high level of consumption, and most of her colleagues most is talking about the baby’s overhead problem. According to Xiao Bian understand that the current kindergarten children are often three thousand or four thousand, and some even catch up with the small series of a month’s salary, I believe that many parents will say the pressure alexander. Therefore, in the case of the pressure of life so much, perhaps to give the baby to buy a copy of insurance, so that the burden of parents to reduce some. At present, the domestic can buy insurance for children in the minority, which is mainly divided into two categories, namely, education and protection of children children’s insurance insurance, these two types of specific and include accident insurance, medical insurance, children’s education of children, children’s insurance investment insurance and other insurance. That the insurance industry planners, parents give their children to buy insurance, should first consider the critical illness insurance, accident insurance and other insurance products, on the basis of this, consider buying education and investment insurance. Children’s accident insurance — Protection of children children’s insurance accident insurance for children under the age of high medical costs and other economic losses arising in suffered an accident, accident and disability and death of personal security. Data show that in recent years, a significant increase in the number of accidental deaths of children, has become the first cause of death of children under the age of. Therefore, parents can buy accident insurance for the appropriate class active child, once the children after the accident, you can get some economic compensation. At present, many children can not only carry out accident insurance claims for accidental injury of children, but also can claim to bear children. Not long ago, an insurance company launched two interesting insurance, namely, bear children, the third party liability insurance and bear child fracture accident insurance. See the name, I believe that many parents will know the two insurance working range. Specifically, the main protection of 1 – 17 years old children due to negligence injury or property loss costs incurred, for example, children play smashed glass, scratch car neighbors are within the scope of claims; the latter mainly to the age of the children born to protect because of the accident caused by fracture and other situation of cost compensation!相关的主题文章: