Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 listing price of 6.48-8.78 million yuan winlinez

Tianjin FAW Chun sent A70 listed price of 6.48-8.78 million yuan in September 21st, Chun sent A70 to subvert the traditional marketing mode of the cloud market. The listing of the Chun sent A70 equipped with 1.6L engine, a total of 6 models, including manual transmission 3 automatic 3 models, the price range of 6.48-8.78 million. As the brand Chun school’s first A-class car, three core advantages of precise control of Chun sent A70 Italian style design with technology to create cool appearance, Japanese and German super space technology to create, which opened the profile into the most intense competition in the A-class car market prelude. Number of models to guide the market price (unit: yuan) 1.6L manual basic type 1.6L manual technology 1.6L manual luxury 1.6L6 speed tiptronic basic 1.6L 6 speed tiptronic technology 1.6L 6 speed tiptronic luxury Chun sent A70 market price guide appearance Wing Chun sent A70 headlamps eagle eyes and other sharp. Electroplating bright decorative spindle front grille integrated line extends to the front bumper. The side of the body by a high waist and a slightly on the pick in the waist, so that the car looks more slender. Rear end of the car LED light guide, the use of the same level models are almost rare after the combination of light guide technology. The interior space of Chun sent A70 body length and breadth of 4610mm 1790mm 1500mm, wheelbase 2630mm. Chun sent A70 draw TOYOTA excellent man-machine engineering concept. The body uses the classic short front overhang, long overhang, low high attitude; A column forward, C column after the shift, try to increase the driving cabin space. It is particularly worth mentioning is that Chun sent A70 using a new type of green interior provided by American Johnson, the air inside the car to the European ELV standard. In the storage space, the front seat of the central armrest box, front and rear row cup frame, front reading lights, roof glasses box, back door trim plate storage grid, such as more than 10 humanized layout. In order to take into account the vehicle versatility and practicality, Chun sent A70 using open area, flat open the large trunk volume, more than 450L, with the full line integral foldable rear seats, a rear space is bigger and more smooth. The classic suspension platform Chun sent A70 suspension part of the German platform collocation, the former Mcpherson independent suspension with torsion beam semi independent suspension, guarantee the good stability of the chassis. In terms of handling, through three rounds of careful adjustment, Chun sent A70 a more solid chassis. Equipped with the latest generation of BOSCH 9 electronic stability system (ESP) as well as ramp car auxiliary function HHC. Dynamic Chun sent A70 is equipped with Chinese FAW CA4GB16 naturally aspirated engine, displacement of 1.6L, maximum power 83KW, maximum torque of 155Nm. Matching gear lubricant lifetime maintenance free 5 speed manual and second generation imported Aisin 6 speed manual gearbox. Comprehensive fuel consumption of only 6.1 liters a hundred kilometers, emissions reached the national standard of five. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars. Welcome to reprint, please specify the source (Tencent) and the author, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: