Tim said he deserves to go to the finals is the favorite venue-baxia

Tim said he deserved to play the finals red is the love of Tim sina sports news site Beijing on November 16th news, 2016ATP finals continue in London, Ivan group group phase second round, Tim to 6-3 1-6 6-4 beat Monfils, first win group phase, after Tim said he deserved for year-end total final, respect their love for the number of clay, he also gives his own interpretation. Tim first reviews his performance today: "I had a good start today, try to avoid making mistakes when first, but it finally happens, third disc I try to make myself more attention, at the end of his three double faults also helped me, but I still I am very happy to win." Tim in the past few games mediocre performance, in the first few rounds out prematurely, does this allow him to have more physical reserves? The Austrians said: "in the past few weeks I have not played as many games, but apparently it matches my fitness is not very good, but the event, the audience in the stadium and the stadium to make me or other players motivated, I think this is why everybody in here all the best reason." In the first group phase after the victory, Tim integral beyond Nadal, will be at the end of TOP8, but this time he can get back from the qualification to some extent benefited from Nadal, after a reporter asked whether the Austrian people feel worthy to participate in this tournament, Tim did not hesitate to answer: "of course, I feel like I belong to this event, whether I was ninth or eighth or first, winning for me are very happy to tell you the truth, I was not too much to consider rafa." Although young, but Tim has been on clay, grass and hard three site types are champions accounted for, especially red, not only the number of French champions, also broke into the semi-finals, which Tim made no secret of his love of clay, "clay is still my home, because I grew up in this on the site, every time I go back to the clay combat seemed to go home and this is my favorite type of site." Tim said: "I’m on the surface of winning is good, but in other venues I also continue to improve, although still unable to come up with a hundred percent condition for fast pitch, but I am getting better, it is also very important in the top ranks." For their own too many question, Tim said: "if I play less, then I won’t be here for the next year, I don’t know how to arrange temporary schedule, it also depends on my physical and mental factors, I played more than and 80 games this year, feeling very normal if, next year I still play, may also be more used than this year." (rod)相关的主题文章: