To commemorate the 15 anniversary of the 9 11 Obama said the United States will not succumb

To commemorate the "9? 11" event   15 anniversary; Obama said the United States will not succumb to fear — the military — local time on September 10, 2016, the United States of New York, Brooklyn Bridge Park memorial memorial play beam, "9? 11" 15 anniversary of the event. Today is the "9? 11" 15 anniversary, the United States, New York and Pennsylvania, Washington and other places of commemoration, President Obama attended the The Pentagon "9? 11" memorial activities organized and delivered a speech, said the United States will not succumb to fear, urged the United States to embrace the "diversity" tradition, resort to unity over division. The Secretary of defense Carter, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Deng Fude accompanied Obama in the morning in The Pentagon "9? 11" memorial wreath, and the silence for the victims. He said, the United States will never forget "was 9? About 3000 beautiful life 11" event took 15 years, looks long, but for the families of the victims like happened yesterday, without any language or behavior can really heal the pain of the families of the victims. Obama said, the United States faces the threat of terrorism is evolving, terrorists attempt to plan "small, but still deadly attacks from Boston marathon bombings, California San Bernardino shooting to the Orlando shooting, the ideology of hatred in encouraging some people resort to violence, the terrorists tried to incite fear, let us blame each other. He stressed that diversity and ethnic minorities are the source of the United States, rather than weaknesses, the United States will not succumb to fear, we want to maintain unity, should not allow others to split the United states. Many relatives of the victims of the The Pentagon crash took part in the commemoration of the day. Over the past 15 years, the memorial garden witnessed the disaster of the past, but also witnessed the friendship. When Kirchner came to the victims with devilla? Husband, Lieutenant Darin? When the name of the Pangtaier Memorial stool, was surprised to find that the stool has been placed a veteran rock band Rush records, she was pleased to realize "there are other people in Miss Darin, remember his favorite band". "Everyone on the planet knows" 9, 11 ", but not every day thinking of ‘9,’ 11 ‘, but for me,’ 9 ” means every day." Vera told China News Agency reporter. 15 years later, life was still hard for her". However, this memorial also gave birth to the "new", such as this? Sarah Monet and Donna teepe the couple?. The late wife Madeloino is a Budget Analyst, Donna’s late husband Carle in the Defense Intelligence Agency, two people were killed when they are over 50 years old. This life suffered heavy losses and Donna were in the same "support group", psychological treatment, similar family misfortune makes them easier to understand each other, before they get engaged, on the day of the memorial park they showed reporters a diamond engagement ring. "Life was dark, but I got through it, and for 15 years I had a child of 4 grandchildren. If we fear all day, not like the terrorists? I want to live a full life, be a good man and try my best to help Zhou相关的主题文章: