To keep warm from the soles of the feet, this is a fire in the winter truffe

Warm start from the feet warm this heat exchanger is enough to measure a fire in the winter winter to do better, if the soles of the feet cold enough does not feel warm, not to warm the students air conditioning is a torment to the south, so have a hot foot device is very important! Japan d-design mood thermal biped robot is like a fire in winter, warm your feet. D-design mood thermal foot model is CHMR-011, the whole is a ceramic heater. You can put all the feet into the machine, feel the warm hair. The machine adopts circular blowing mechanism, focusing on the efficiency of air supply. The temperature of the air supply of the mood hot feet is about 45 degrees centigrade, which belongs to the comfortable temperature in both study and work. Interlayer with activated carbon, the foot and deodorizing effect. Because of the heating function, so the mood thermal foot also has safety considerations. The machine will detect the running state, will promptly stop heating when the rollover occurred. At the same time the longest heating time is 8 hours, after more than 8 hours will automatically shut down. D-design mood hot foot body size is 330 x 200 x (285mm long and X wide x high), can easily into the bottom of the table, the weight is about 2kg, with a handle can move freely. The use of electric power consumption is about 130W, there are white and brown and white. Want to be comfortable and warm feet in winter, may not need to open the air conditioning, a warm enough to do everything, or why people like to sleep in the bubble foot in winter.相关的主题文章: