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Tourists stroll through Han street, "gun addiction" close contact with high-end police equipment, in the "Mekong River action" appeared in the high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles, reconnaissance robots and other high-tech police equipment, yesterday morning concentrated in Han street, tourists shouted. At 11 o’clock yesterday morning, Wuchang district held a launching ceremony of anti terrorist propaganda week in the big street of Han street. Wuchang police anti-terrorism department to bring a large number of "real shit" to launch 2000 meters police drones, turning guns, EOD robot, automatic throwing robot, remote monitoring system, a portable X-ray partition wall radar and so on. The assault rifles displayed by special police, equipped with varied line observation and sighting system, have attracted gun fans to come to "gun addiction" (pictured). How to identify terrorist attacks? What happens when you encounter terrorist attacks? The street theatre of the big screen looping videos, Handbook of citizens to prevent terrorist attacks, the police also issued the scene of Wuhan City Office of counter-terrorism published ". According to the police, citizens provide special big clues for the prevention or detection of major violent terrorist cases play a key role, particularly outstanding contribution, will be as a clue, can obtain the highest award 500 thousand yuan; two and three provide clues on terror, can obtain 40 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan reward. (reporter Wu Changhua correspondent Sun Xun), according to the Wuhan Evening News reported that a large number of high-tech police equipment appeared in Wuhan anti terrorist propaganda week perspective, radar can detect the breathing wall, watching people through the house wall, can see the house of human activity image…… Yesterday, the Wuchang District Public Security Bureau held the anti terrorist propaganda week in Han Street launching ceremony, through the wall perspective radar and a large number of high-tech police anti-terrorism equipment debut, the public after zero contact, shouting fun. Yesterday morning 11 points, counter-terrorism Awareness Week activities officially started in the street arena, a row of police high-tech equipment attracted onlookers, police drones, EOD robot, automatic throwing robot and wall penetrating radar. Unmanned reconnaissance aircraft has been hovering over the Han street, according to the introduction, police unmanned reconnaissance aircraft can fly 2000 meters, resolution of 1920× 1080, 60 frames per second, even at high altitude, the picture is also very clear return. The most attractive people are EOD robot, I saw the police handling the black guy, picked up a small bottle accurately, then transfer. People have never seen before to see through the wall radar, with the detection of breathing, you can clearly see the people’s behavior indoors. In other words, the police do not need to go into the investigation, the wall will be able to grasp the suspect’s every move. In addition to these sophisticated equipment, Wuchang police also prepared for the public "citizens to prevent terrorist attacks manual", as well as the citizens encountered terrorist activities, how to properly deal with and counterattack, the content is very practical. (reporter Wan Qin correspondent Sun Xun)

游客逛汉街过“枪瘾” 近距离接触高端警用装备 在电影《湄公河行动》中出现过的高空无人机、侦察机器人等高科技警用装备,昨日上午集中现身汉街,游客们大呼过瘾。昨日上午11时,武昌区在汉街大戏台举行反恐宣传周启动仪式。武昌警方反恐部门带来了大批“尖板眼”——能升空2000米的警用无人机、拐弯枪、排爆机器人、自动投掷机器人、远距离隔墙监听系统、便携式穿墙透视雷达等等。特警们展示的突击步枪,装备了变线观瞄系统,引得枪迷们纷纷前来过“枪瘾”(如图)。如何识别恐怖袭击?遇到恐怖袭击怎么办?汉街大戏台的大屏幕循环播放着宣传片,民警们还现场发放武汉市反恐办编印的《公民防范恐怖袭击手册》。据警方介绍,公民提供特别重大线索,为防范或侦破特别重大暴力恐怖案件发挥关键作用、贡献特别突出的,将被评为一类线索,最高可获得50万元重奖;提供二类、三类反恐线索的,分别可获得4万元、2万元奖励。(记者 吴昌华 通讯员 孙逊)另据武汉晚报报道大批高科技警用装备亮相武汉反恐宣传周 透视雷达能探测呼吸隔墙看人 透过房屋外墙,能看到房屋内人的活动图像……昨天武昌区公安分局在汉街举办的反恐宣传周启动仪式上,穿墙透视雷达等一大批高科技警用反恐装备亮相,市民零距离接触后大呼过瘾。昨日上午11点,反恐宣传周活动在汉街大舞台正式启动,一排排警用高科技装备吸引了市民围观,警用无人侦察机、排爆机器人、自动投掷机器人,还有穿墙透视雷达。只见无人侦察机一直在汉街上空盘旋,据介绍,警用无人侦察机最高可飞2000米,分辨率可达1920×1080,每秒60帧,即使在高空,传回的画面也非常清晰。最吸引市民的是排爆机器人,只见民警操控这个黑色的大家伙,精确的夹起一个小水瓶,然后将其转移。市民以前见都没见过的要算穿墙透视雷达,就凭对呼吸的探测,能清楚的看到屋内人们的举动。也就是说,民警不需进屋侦查,就能隔墙掌握嫌疑人的一举一动。除了这些高精尖的装备外,武昌警方还为市民准备了《公民防范恐怖袭击手册》,以及市民遇到恐怖活动时如何正确处置和反击,内容非常实用。(记者 万勤 通讯员 孙逊)相关的主题文章: