TTA special planning, an intelligent siege, Geely had lost what back haywire

TTA special planning, an intelligent "siege", Geely had lost what back? China’s own brand will be able to develop, not only is Geely, many other brothers brand is bound to do, just a matter of time. President An Conghui, Geely Automobile Group CEO (click to view the latest figures News) "is supposed to be 12 blossom, but there are still built 3 homes in the dealer before acceptance, approval and other manufacturers need to practice." Since last year, part of the car brand dealers have come back to the phenomenon of network, in this case, Geely Automobile Market in Northwest nine cities opened the same day the nine stores, but also to attract people’s attention. As a representative of the domestic brands, in nearly 20 years of development in the past, it gains a lot of glory, the first acquisition of foreign brands Chinese car prices, the first to have a "private" identity Chinese car brand, the first to develop the automatic transmission China enterprise…… However, the lack of profitability, profitability has generally been plagued by geely. The face of consumer reputation and market sales of the dual downturn, the aura of Geely’s head has been slightly dim. Fortunately, Geely has found the key to future development. Independent brand development must rely on quality and reputation. Word of mouth marketing do not come out, only through good products and good service to win customer satisfaction. Quality is the most important part of the road." An Conghui continued to emphasize the importance of the quality of people around him, to believe that the Chinese people, Chinese brands must line." This means that the quality, channels will become Geely’s future "siege" on the road to the key, rely on these, Geely will quickly become a "car empire"? After ten years of hard work from cheap cars to luxury cars, in 2007, Geely ended up with the annual production and sales of the top ten in China’s top passenger car enterprises, becoming the fastest growing enterprise in China’s brand car enterprises. However, cheap, quality deviation, but it is difficult to get rid of the label that time geely. As soon as possible in order to change the low quality image, Geely chairman Li Shufu (click to view the latest news figures) has repeatedly publicly proposed Geely to strategic transformation, to build "the safest and the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving car, Geely Automobile traveled all over the world". Proposed strategic transformation, not only a symbol of Geely’s desire to end the history of the past by low-cost competition, but also marks its high quality, high quality and high technology impact. With the more brilliant, Bo, imperial GS and three generation models have been listed, Geely Automobile has been fully into the "boutique car 3 times". In the eyes of Geely Group Vice President, general manager of sales company Lin Jie, our product quality has been fully comparable to the joint venture brand models." Sales market is the most intuitive product recognition. According to the latest sales announced Geely Automobile sales, this year, 1-7 months, Geely cumulative sales of 328 thousand and 900 vehicles, an increase of 17%. July single month sales reached 48 thousand and 500, an increase of 64%. Among them, the SUV model Yue Yue first monthly sales break million, the success of the club. Good market performance to Geely car sales this year.相关的主题文章: