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Vanke in the "injured" words "taking" consumption 20 billion force in commercial real estate hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide the original title: million in "injured" words "after taking three quarter of Vanke Real estate circles is still the focus of attention. Just released three quarterly reports also took over Caire’s Shanghai Central Plaza, "injury" and "business" has become the focus of the market, equity dispute that Vanke is injured, at the same time, the commercial real estate Vanke rise slowly is imperceptibly. "Big brother" face to 170000 just past the three quarter is not happy, is Hengda overtaking, next quarter Vanke may also very uncomfortable. In the first three quarters of this year, Vanke total sales area of 19 million 921 thousand square meters, the amount of sales of $262 billion 900 million, an increase of 38.1% and 43.7%, respectively. Among them, the contribution of overseas sales area of 15 thousand square meters, the sales amount of $1 billion 490 million. Basic performance and last year flat. However, Hengda performance is more beautiful, the first three quarters of this year Hengda cumulative sales reached 280 billion 580 million yuan, not only over the same period last year increased 117.9%, and more than 201 billion 300 million yuan last year’s sales figures are more nearly 40%. Only in the month of September, Hengda sales reached 47 billion 520 million yuan, an increase of 323.6%. In the sales data, Hengda already more than 170000, and the gap can reach 17 billion 680 million yuan, in the four quarter of a board still unknown. For many years as "big brother" Vanke, the face is very important. Vanke in the three quarterly paper more than one at the end of September, within the scope of consolidation Vanke has 25 million 60 thousand square meters sold resource is not completed settlement, the total contract amount of about 306 billion 370 million yuan. Vanke given in accordance with the official explanation, which means that there are 43 billion 470 million yuan Vanke still not. The pain still put aside real estate "big brother" fight, 170000 performance under the pain still exists, to 170000 in ensuring the performance at the same time, the stability of the military is more important. In August of this year’s news conference, Vanke secretaries Zhu Xu said, Vanke equity since the events, business development is affected, 5 with property cooperation projects because of equity issues, change or suspend consider termination of cooperation; 1 logistics real estate partners for adjustment of cooperation clause; a number of overseas funds and banks to suspend the project cooperation with the loan. At the same time, Vanke Human Resources Department official said that the current focus on the recruitment of Vanke employees dig the foot of the situation has been very serious. Company 6, July turnover rate is also significantly improved, the number of people leaving the first half of this year has reached the number of last year. In the three quarterly, Vanke special emphasis on the second half of the company to stabilize the team as the focus, take a variety of measures to stabilize the situation. However, for Vanke current situation, the capital market is still worried. Standard & Poor’s to maintain the company’s "BBB+" credit rating, the company’s comments相关的主题文章: